Thursday, February 28, 2008

The day before 29 FEBRUARY |:o)

What i have done??

Morning until 4.30 p.m.:
Once arrived workshop, being told to sweep the floor outside. Uncle taught me how to sweep again that. The way of disposing those rubbish swept is kind of different that what I usually did. Outside the shop, got pavement. The pavement got hole. Just sapu those rubbish into it. I was wondering is it the correct and fastest way to do it OR to avoid luck from being swept far far away. Somehow I felt kena "sound" by uncle though he explain something to me in the polite way. Nevermind, at least I learnt from mistakes.

Evening till this moment:
Back home from workshop >bath > online> dinner> online & watch TVB drama > blogging > waiting for Ken Hong a.k.a. Ah Wong to completely receive EPISODE 9 of WASABI MON AMOUR from me via WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER >waiting the time to go sleep >ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

Creative this video...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Work Again?

After my Chinese New Year (CNY) mood has come to an end, I still haven't decide what to do after that. myself at home everyday? My answer: - I DON'T KNOW!!!

In January, 11th day of that month, [the day after my friend's birthday, Dylon], I went to Inanam Business Center to collect my MyKAD. But then,

Staff MF*: maaf ya kerana skrang tak buleh ambil nombor giliran sudah...
Angry Me: na pe? bukan kah kertas notis sini cakap pukul 11.30 pagi tutup kaunter tapi skarang masih awal lerr...
Staff B**: ya tapi kau tengok skarang banyak orang masih belum kena layan...
Angry Me: I datang untuk ambil IC saja oh. Skejap se ja mah
Staff B**: ya tapi kau kena faham situasi skarang...datang balik sini pukul 2.30 petang...

Chi bai!!! without wasting any time, went out from that blardy office which mostly pack of MALAYS inside.

Up on my car, I recalled that Sophia invited me yesterday to help her mum to make cookies (for sale) for CNY. Called her. Tak kan lah want me to waste my diesel to come all the way from my home to Inanam like better go to Sophia's house around Kiansom

Me: Sophia, can i come to your house?
Sophia: Can
Me: But I'm not familiar with your place...I will be there late....I need to crawl to reach your place
Sophia: U man man lai..

Start my car, start my journey to Sophia's house. Too fortunate that I'm able to arrive her house safely. Saw Kah Yee.

From that day onwards, I went to Sophia's house just to pack cookies, curi makan cookies and chat while doing work. At least I wouldn't be a skeleton at home all the time. Lucky lunch is provided there. THANKS SOPHIA, I'VE LEARNT A LOT AT YOUR PLACE. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!
.....>>>>>THE END OF FLASHBACK<<<<<.....

Well, today, I went to Alvin's dad's workshop (Inanam), just to help out. Few days before he asked me whether I need to work. He told me to help him in his dad's workshop just to deal with the stocks thats all with lunch provided. So, I went for it indeed. I can't take it anymore staying at home doing non-benefit work.
All I did when I was at MAX POWER (the name of the workshop) were:
  1. Write the code and price of the items that Alvin put it out for me
  2. Write the mileage and date of service onto the sticker and paste it inside the customers car who replace engine oil
  3. Replace stock that were sold to customers back to the originated place
  4. Carry boxes of stocks here and there
  5. Chat with Alvin when there was free time
  6. Follow Alvin to take stuff from supplier
  7. Sit and monitor the shop for no reason (I found a favourite spot to sit when I'm too free)
I think thats all I have done today. But I learnt a lot about Car's "medicine" and body parts. Better than sitting at home doing nothing. Most customers came to buy ENGINE OIL and wiper (nearly damage people's wiper). One special customers came to buy tool kit (for what?). Then, one more came to buy Proton Saga spare parts.

Laughing part:
-> Customer A: Boss how much you sell wipers for my car?
Uncle (Alvin's father): Good one RM 30 and ordinary one RM10
Customer A: Ordinary one only can last for 1 week ah is it?
(If i were u, I rather spend some money for the good one to avoid accident on rainy days)

-> Customer B was talking on the phone
Customer B: Eh saya sekarang di kedai yang betul betul punya inanam
(what the hack is he saying? :s)

Return home around 4.30 p.m. TIRED!!!

* Mother F^cker
** Bitch

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chitz & Chatz

Moment of Self Intro - Me, Myself & I

Well it seems everyone does have a blog either with reasons or without reasons Since I got nothing to do, I decided to have one...

So, let me begin my blog with.......

My personal details:-
Name: Adrian Foo Hsien Yang

Date of birth: 17th March 1988

Place of birth: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Religion: Christian (oh JESUS)

Race: Chinese (wo pu chi tao)

Zodiac sign: Pisces (fish fish)

Chinese Zodiac sign: Dragon

My contact details:-
- Address: Un-Display-Ble**
- Mobile:
- E-mail:

My education history:-
- Anglican Kindergarten (? - 1994)
- S.R.K. St. Agnes (1995 - 200) [the PTA of this school it seems "telan" $$$ from parents instead]
- S.M. All Saints (2001 - 2005) [I hate this school because the rules getting STRICT but i left with wonderful memories]
- S.M. La Salle (2006 - 2007) [I continued studying Form 6 and i love this school but have a stressful life there]
- ? (2008 - ?) [haven't decide yet but will be updated soon]

My hobbies & interests:-

Collecting stamps (only done it once in a BLUE moon)
- Badminton (play when someone calls me up)
- Surfing the net (my favourite past time indeed)
- Shopping (shop like mad for X'mas and CNY clothes but half-hearted when it comes to Window Shopping because no $$$)

- Sudoku (play on my phone while waiting for food at coffeeshops/restaurants)

- Customize friendster profile (once in a while)

- Listen to songs (relaxing favourites)

My favourites:-
- Colour: BROWN (mostly)
- Food: Hot and spicy like Kuching Laksa, Tom Yam, Curry Noodles (I HATE EGGS)
- Drinks: Sweet beverages like Coffee especially (Milo + Nescafe)
- Books: N/A (mostly love to flip and flip and flip)
- Movie: Comedy, Action, Drama, Animation
- TV shows: Pimp My Ride, Mr. Bean, American Next Top Model,
- Music: A lot to be listed here

*when I was young, until now my sis like to blast me with this word (COPYCAT) whenever I try to do something. Anyway, WHATEVER...!!!!
So sorry because I don't want to receive any Mails, Calls or Messages from some UNKNOWNS