Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Moment of Self Intro - Me, Myself & I

Well it seems everyone does have a blog either with reasons or without reasons Since I got nothing to do, I decided to have one...

So, let me begin my blog with.......

My personal details:-
Name: Adrian Foo Hsien Yang

Date of birth: 17th March 1988

Place of birth: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Religion: Christian (oh JESUS)

Race: Chinese (wo pu chi tao)

Zodiac sign: Pisces (fish fish)

Chinese Zodiac sign: Dragon

My contact details:-
- Address: Un-Display-Ble**
- Mobile:
- E-mail:

My education history:-
- Anglican Kindergarten (? - 1994)
- S.R.K. St. Agnes (1995 - 200) [the PTA of this school it seems "telan" $$$ from parents instead]
- S.M. All Saints (2001 - 2005) [I hate this school because the rules getting STRICT but i left with wonderful memories]
- S.M. La Salle (2006 - 2007) [I continued studying Form 6 and i love this school but have a stressful life there]
- ? (2008 - ?) [haven't decide yet but will be updated soon]

My hobbies & interests:-

Collecting stamps (only done it once in a BLUE moon)
- Badminton (play when someone calls me up)
- Surfing the net (my favourite past time indeed)
- Shopping (shop like mad for X'mas and CNY clothes but half-hearted when it comes to Window Shopping because no $$$)

- Sudoku (play on my phone while waiting for food at coffeeshops/restaurants)

- Customize friendster profile (once in a while)

- Listen to songs (relaxing favourites)

My favourites:-
- Colour: BROWN (mostly)
- Food: Hot and spicy like Kuching Laksa, Tom Yam, Curry Noodles (I HATE EGGS)
- Drinks: Sweet beverages like Coffee especially (Milo + Nescafe)
- Books: N/A (mostly love to flip and flip and flip)
- Movie: Comedy, Action, Drama, Animation
- TV shows: Pimp My Ride, Mr. Bean, American Next Top Model,
- Music: A lot to be listed here

*when I was young, until now my sis like to blast me with this word (COPYCAT) whenever I try to do something. Anyway, WHATEVER...!!!!
So sorry because I don't want to receive any Mails, Calls or Messages from some UNKNOWNS

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