Sunday, March 30, 2008

Once in a lifetime weather phenomenon in Sabah

12 OCTOBER 2007 (FRIDAY) - Halo Phenomenon

Halos are caused by ice crystals in cold cirrus clouds located in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals are responsible for the type of halo. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colours because of dispersion, similar to a rainbow.

28 MARCH 2008 (FRIDAY) - Rain Ice Phenomenon

The phenomenon, known as hail, occurs when supercooled water freezes. Hail is a form of precipitation, which consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice (hailstones).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Form 6 Convocation 2007

A special day that was made for La Salle Form 6 2007.

What day is that? – As mentioned in the title above

Where was it held? – Students Activity Centre, Junior Block, La Salle

Who needs to attend? – Form 6 2007 students especially

How was it? – Great!

So damn hot before and after the ceremony. During the ceremony, sat down and listened to the I-Don’t-Want-To-Hear Speech (I copycat Kimberly Wong style). Lucky it was not that hot.

It was my time to go up stage to receive my scroll from the Chairman of La Salle’s Administration Board, Mr. Ho Kin Wong. Too bad no photograph was allowed when receiving the scroll. This was meant to be done by a professional photographer. Once up on stage, I was nervous. Everything seemed to be “kelam-kabut”. I was not sure whether I smile on the camera or not when receiving my scroll. I opened the scroll and indeed nothing inside. Just to have the “convocation” mood only.

After the ceremony was the photography session. Everyone sweating because its DAMN HOT. I managed to snap few photos during that session. Later, I returned my scroll as well as the graduation gown (which made me felt HOT all times). Then only I received my certificate.

With Gregory Thien

With Jessie Lee

With Yong Lee Vui

With Chai Xun Yu

With Teh Tze Yuen

With Su Mon Fung

WIth one of my junior

Went for a light refreshment before leaving the school. Next, went home to change myself into weekend clothes before heading to Centre Point for movie, Ah Long with friends. I had fun that time. Again we shot few pictures. I can’t show it right now. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Hard Work Pays Off

I received an e-mail from my long lost classmate, Mon Fung about 8.00 p.m. Actually is not long lost classmate, is just that I have not met her for long time after completed my STPM examinations. Guess what? This e-mail I received has an attachment. I clicked it to download into my computer. While downloading, I read what she typed in this e-mail.

Here’s the message written by her:


hei, actually 1 2 give u something on ur birthday----ur "hasil kerja" but i 4gt 2 do it tat day, keke.sayang o, ur pendrive had bn "destroyed", so i just give what ur titik peluh la:D

c! got me appreciate ur work untill now.haha..!

hope u receive n keep it as memory la.tats ur work!

yahor, u go to convo or not?..

ur friend,

su, keke!

After finished reading, I was damn excited. This slideshow she attached is actually my hard work during my school days. I was being assigned by “Chief Minister” of the La Salle’s Parliamentary board to build a slideshow regarding a child that the school has adopted when launching “RM 1 For Hope” project. This project was done by “Ministry of Welfare” whereby each student in the school were required to donate RM 1.00 to give hope for the needs. So, our school indeed adopted a child which you may able to know more detail in the pictures below.

If I was not mistaken, I had 3 days to build that slideshow that was during weekends plus Friday. That time, I have no Scanner nor more information about the child in order to build slideshows. All I have were leaflets regarding the child’s information and my very own pathetic computer will Microsoft PowerPoint. Thanks to my mum for having such a great phone, Sharp 903 (Sharp SX833 for the Chinese Market). Equipped with 3.2 megapixel camera and macro focus mode, I was able to capture the picture of the child in my computer as well as the map where the child lived.

I sacrifice my homework especially Physics instead by putting more effort in making this slideshow a “big” success (I even put my own initial, “Adrian Foo 2007” at the end of the slideshow). Unfortunately, I forgotten to save for my own copy of this slideshow. Until there was one day, Mon Fung asked me about it. I felt disappointed that my hard work was not saved inside my computer but given it to school.

Today, something made me excited. I’m now glad to see my hard work back again. This time I need to store inside my computer. This is to proof that I have a basic knowledge of using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Enjoy the pictures below.

If you want to see the TRUE ORIGINAL COPY of this slideshow, you may drop by your e-mail in your comments section. It really has a "lot" of "animation indeed compare in those pictures above.

Points to ponder:
  1. WHERE did Mon Fung got this slideshow back from?
  2. WHO did Mon Fung got this slideshow back from?
  3. WHEN did Mon Fung got this slideshow back from?
  4. HOW did Mon Fung got this slideshow back from?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Hooray" or "Oh no"???

At first, I kept telling myself not to go for Form 6 2007 Convocation. Since some of my friends desperate to seek latest TVB drama and Anime from me, I should go for it. Apart from that, some even “force” me to go for it and it was once in the lifetime event in our life.

I arrived school about 10.20 a.m. What’s the point of going there on time when “none” of my friends would be able to reach there on time? I saw “The Wong’s Chi Mui” (Ka Vun and Vun Fui). Then came a guy who was not part of the “The Wong’s Chi Mui” because he’s a male, Ken Hong. Frank was with him too. Quickly Ken Hong surrendered his pendrives (1GB and 4GB)to me and my 2GB SD card (I missed my card so much). All I need to do with his pendrives was to insert latest TVB drama. Sadly, I forgot to bring Frank’s as well as Tze Yuen’s Anime disc.

I saw Jessie. “Harlo Tummy Boy!” she called me. That’s what she used to call me when we were studying last year. So happy to hear that she said my pimples getting less and less. She told me to get my graduation gown as soon as possible worrying that I have no suitable size to wear for Form 6 2007 Convocation.

Well, below pictures shown were those clothes I’m going to wear on for Form 6 2007 Convocation. I don’t want to buy anymore new clothes just for Form 6 2007 Convocation. Who cares anyway?

I got a Harry Potter's collection

My clothes by SEED (The RM 60.00 one after bring less up to 50%){lol}

My necktie from EMZN (Price: RM 39.90){Don't need to be expensive}

After taken my correct size gown, went in to my car to take all my photocopied certificates to be certified by the school. I met the Principal. I asked her to certify but she said you can asked other teachers to help. She asked me whether I have Kenny’s number or not. I answered yes to her. I took out my phone out of my pocket, she said, “Wow!! Your phone better also better than mine ah.” Something to be “bangga” about.

I went to Pn. Mariana’s office to seek for her help to certify my stuff. Again, the silly trap during that year 2008. She begged me to contribute $$$ for the Jogathon event. Alright I have no choice but to donate RM 5.00. Not only that, she asked me whether I can help the school in typing something like “Pelan Taktikal”. I told her that I was not that sure yet. But she went into the Principal’s office and told the Principal. Principal agreed Pn. Mariana to hire me. I better got for it since I got nothing to do everyday at home.

Next, to the beach together with some friends from La Salle. Planned to eat there but turned out be taking “fresh air” at the beach.

In less than half and hour, I drove myself to Tg. Aru Post Office. So many people there. Need to queue for long time. Just wanted to purchase RM 60.00 X 2, 30 cents stamps X 2 and 80 cents stamps X 2. So disappointed that I bought the wrong amount of stamps. It should be 50 cents stamps X 2 instead of 30 cents stamps X 2. I need them for UTAR application. I helped Sophia as well. Anyway, I’ll be going back there tomorrow though I need to go to school again for Form 6 2007 Convocation rehearsal.

Road? Lane? Fast?

Today , I went out to photocopy my family's birth certs, identity card (I.C.), and my relevant documents which need to be attach with my college/university application form. I do need to certify them that

First destination was Lintas. Photocopy and laminate. Later, went to take my lunch also around Lintas. I ate "Lui Cha Fan" (A kind of food mostly with vegetables and GREEN soup) {Don't think most of my friends love to eat it}.

Second destination was CityMall. Walked around for window shopping since I don't think those staff in Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) at Inanam will be working during lunch hour.

Third destination was JPN. Brought all my Photocopied documents to certify that all were true copy.

What I the most during my whole driving sessions when there was BIG ROAD WITH TRAFFIC LIGHTS. Refer image below:-

Most of the time I use the SUPER FAST LANE to stop my car when the traffic lights says STOP. I love to accelerate as quick as possible when the traffic lights say GREEN and shift to the snail lane after I'm ahead of other cars. BUT I hate when I'm behind those cars who are on the SUPER FAST LANE. I couldn't accelerate fast once the traffic lights turns GREEN. And makes me have the hard time to shift my car to the SNAIL LANE. Sometimes, I even get stuck on the DEAD ROAD. Makes me wanna wait few cars ahead of me. WHERE THE HELL THEY GET THEIR LICENSE FROM? DO THEY KNOW WHAT ARE THE PURPOSE OF EACH LANE ? Worst still, when it comes a motorbike accelerates the same speed as me.

Upon returning home, my mood was down. In addition to that, someone begging latest TVB drama from me via Windows Live Messenger and yelled SHIT to ME.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

ExPreSsIoNs ImAgEs By My PaTrIcK CuDdLy

During Chinese New Year 2007, I went to KL. I found this Patrick soft toy in Memory Lane, MidValley. Hanging onto one another, I picked one and paid RM19.90 for it.

At home, I tried out FACE WARPING Application and captured my Patrick soft toy. Patrick does have few ExPreSsIoNs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MY Birthday Nite

17 March 2008, 7.15 p.m. - I organised a simple dinner @ PizzaHut, Gaya Street and invited Alvin, Sophia, Danny, Kah Yee and Dylon. I wanted to celebrate my birthday together with my old buddies. Unfortunately, Dylon unable to join us as he has to attend dinner with his Aunty from USA.

(Actually I planned to invite them for simple dinner @ Yu Hing, Hilltop on 15 March 2008, Saturday night but Kah Yee and Sophia left for Sandakan. So, I postponed it to Monday night. Lucky, the night before Monday, I felt that Yu Hing will not open on Monday. Therefore, changed the venue to PizzaHut, Gaya Street since Alvin planned to watch movie after dinner)

Alvin, Sophia and I arrived at PizzaHut. We then made our order. We ordered Meal 4.

recommended for 4 persons
• 2 Regular Pan Pizza
(Supremes/Family Favourites)
• 4 Soup-of-the-Day
• 4 pieces of Breadstix
• 1 pitcher of Pepsi

Sophia pointed the Menu. She said, "Since its your birthday, you will get a refill of Pepsi and an Ice-Cream Pizza." I replied, "Who knows I forgot to bring my IC to prove my date of birth."

Here came the waitress. We ordered what we have planned. But then, I really forgotten to bring my IC.


I asked, "Can I use my Driving License to proof my date of birth?"

Waitress answered, "Sure since its also stated your IC number."


Mushroom Soup and Breadstix placed on our table. However, Kah Yee and Danny haven't come. Few minutes later, three Pan Pizza arrived. Super Supreme Pizza, Hawaiian Supreme Pizza and Royal Masala Pizza.

I asked Sophia again, "Is this Pan Pizza free?"
"Try ask the waitress," she replied.

Waitress said NO because that free Pizza is Ice-Cream Pizza. NOT this Ordinary regular Pizza.


(Next time, always remember that all images shown in the MENU is for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY)

So, we have to finish eating those pizzas. Then came Kah Yee and Danny. I understand Danny needs to rush back after work. Thats the reason he came late. Four pieces of pizzas left. We could not take it anymore. Take away is the right choice. Thats for my lunch the next morning.

Danny unable to join us for movie since he needs to get up early the next day to work. Four of us made our way to Cathay Cineplex to collect our movie tickets. We were going to watch " Horton Hears A Who" at 9.50 p.m. Too much time for us to wait for the movie starts. We then made our way to Warisan Square for walk.

We returned to the Cathay Cineplex around 9.40 p.m. What really made me felt surprised is was that there were only less than 20 people watching the same movie as us. I could feel the cinema was damn cold while watching movie.

Around 11.30 p.m. movie ends.


Picture belows are my presents for my birthday this year except the PATRICK DOG. A big thank you to those who contribute for my presents.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

!!Birthday!! cum Gathering

So much fun today. Left my house around 11.50 a.m. and made my way to Upperstar Damai (AGAIN for the 3rd time in MARCH). Once arrived at Damai, search for parking behind Coffee Bean.


The whole parking lot behind there totally full house. Just because of damn Malaysian Modified Car Exhibition. Kancils and Wiras show off from exterior to the interior. One MyVi was in front of me, driving so slow just to have a look on those modified cars. I sounded my horn (THANKS to Alvin for recommending me such a loud horn). One man observed which car HORNed.


Drove another round to search for parking.


Found a parking. Right in front of SPORTS TOTO. Unfortunely, I'm still underage. Unable to buy 4D. Walked to Upperstar. Same as last year, I'm still the first to arrive and no one was there yet. Called Ken Hong. He said he was searching for parking. Then saw Jun Ling and Jackie. Followed by Frank and Jhun Haw, Vun Fui, Ka Vun, Zeuxiant and Gregory.
All of us went upstairs. Sat down and ordered our meal. Here comes Tzyy Shan and Ken Hong. Mitorica however messaged me that she was unable to come. Anyway, she wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Dalton and Wendie (I really appreciate that you came though you left us in LaSalle since March 2006)

Thanks Mitorica!!!

I ordered myself Baked Mushroom Soup (Its worth it because Gregory said that add 40 cents to make the garlic bread with mushroom soup turns into Image A) and Iced Blended Cappuccino.


Tzyy Shan's habit before eating is to grab a camera and captured those food that she was about to eat.


But then something unexpected. Last year, is 12 types of cheesecake for my birthday cake. This year, Grilled Salmon which none of us order it. Have no choice but to let Zeuxiant finished it. I tried it but it tasted like fishy.


Zeuxiant or maybe Gregory if I'm not mistaken managed to grab Ken Hong's mobile (Sony Ericsson K810). All they know is SNAPPING and WARPING peoples faces for no reason. Make people around laughed those WARPED pictures.

Yerrr.... HAHAHAHAHA...!!!

Justin arrived late. But I really happy that he is willing to make it to come. RM 316.95. I sponsored RM100. Tzyy Shan screamed, "Harr.. I didn't order drinks for myself eh," (Last year, she mentioned the word "LUAN" which means CONFUSE or IN A MESS). I deserved a SHIT which was written by her in her blog.

After Upperstar, all of us went to Sabah Trade Centre for Education Fair. Somehow, we could not make it to watch movie (ALONG). Thanks for those who willing to spend their time with me, greetings and wishes from those who were unable to join us.

~~!!!A BIG THANK YOU!!!~~

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm So !@#$%^&*

It has been so long I have not updated my blog. Lazy is the factor I supposed.

Let me recall I have been doing for the last few days.

6 MARCH 2008
I had my dinner with my All Saints Form 6 Friends @ Upperstar Damai. Next, we made our way to Cathay Cineplex to watch JUMPER. Lastly, Starbucks to have drinks and chit chat. We mentioned about Election 2008 and STPM 2007 results.

9 MARCH 2008
LaSallian's Gathering cum Dinner held at Upperstar Damai again. We are being informed that STPM 2007 results will be released on the 11 March 2008. More details and pictures, click here:

10 MARCH 2008
Played badminton @ Foo Chow in the morning with my All Saints Form 6 Friends plus one, Alvin. It's the day before STPM 2007 results released.

11 MARCH 2008
I send sms to Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia to check my STPM results @ 12.20p.m. but no reply. So I decided to drive myself to school to collect my results.
Upon arrival, bunch of my classmates stood in front of the office to discuss about University stuff with one of the teachers. I asked Gregory, where to get my results. He replied, come its inside the office. Once entered, I'm being trapped. One of the clerk begging me to donate $$ for the Jogathon event. Alright, I contribute RM 5. I received my results slip, invitation letter for school's convo, invitation letter for school's prize giving day and curriculum certs. Gregory offered me a help to open my results slip.
Unfortunately, what I obtained was not really that....
I obtained 2B and 2 C-. Damn I don't think I can go for Local-U. I wished I could De-Grade my Physics grades and donate them for my Maths and Chemistry grades. 2 C- consider failed for me.
Somehow, I would like to congratulate those who received best results.


Alright, luckily I got PLAN B. I'm going for TAR college KL to pursue my studies in May since I can't have the chance for Local-U.

12 MARCH 2008
In noon, I played badminton again with my All Saints Form 6 friends. From 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Later, we went to Bukit Padang for jogging and have ABC. It's really tiring. After taken my dinner, 7.30 p.m. I'm off to sleep. But then 10.30 p.m. I woke up because Ken Hong sms me to online. Something to discuss. Oh, another gathering this Sunday, 16 March. Upperstar Damai again around 12 p.m.

Around 11 a.m., I went to Tg. Aru Post Office to purchase RM25 Money Oder for TAR college registration fee and stamps. Then, drove to Taman Cantek to buy Pan Mian for lunch. Thanks to Gregory for reminding me this Sunday's event. Frank online next and talked to me. Well at least I have something to vomit out from my heart and spread to him. A nice buddy to chat with.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Annoyed, Irritated, Distracted by Someone (AIDS?)

Last night, middle of the night, my best friend, Law Y.C. sms me to help him send an emergency e-mail to someone else. So, since he can't get to excess to the internet in U, I'm willing to lend him a hand. Oh my...I don't even want to know and told myself, "Mind your own business".

Can't sleep well. I get out of my bedroom around 10.30 a.m. in the morning. Prepared myself and headed to the "study room". Turned on my computer and as usual, ONLINE!!

What I HATE the most -->
My Windows Live Messenger status: AWAY

My personal message : WILL NOT REPLY ANY MESSAGE

And someone (Wu Liao) who is blind enough...NUDGED ME!!!!

As soon as I faced my computer,

"Why do you NUDGED me just now?" I asked that Wu liao one,
"I just want to disturb you," the Wu Liao one replied.
"Muahahaha," Wu Liao laughed.

Immediately, I BLOCKED him. Not only that Wu Liao one himself did it to me. Few more which I felt disappointed to mention HIS/HER name here. You know who you are. I'm really being Annoyed, Irritated, Distracted by Someone (AIDS?).

Such !@#$%^&*"

Anyway, during surfing the net, I found out that today is Alexender Graham Bell's birthday .Without his invention, It's so hard to communicate and keep in touch with our friends and family.

HELLO? (Hell you?)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

1st Sunday of MARCH 2008

It has been 2 days I have not updated my blog. Few factors:

  1. No mood
  2. Lazy
  3. etc.

Oh great...I already quit the job (help Alvin's father in his workshop). Its all because someone keep asking me silly questions as if I'm helping his father dealing with illegal business. So Friday morning, I sat at home watching few episodes of Wasabi Mon Amour (TVB drama). Its so boring indeed.

No one asked why I didn't go to work.

Well, all the day and night, sitting down facing my pathetic ancient computer. I also helped my friend (Frank Tan) to download anime (Dragon Ball GT). I have no idea why is it so hard to download anime using Flashget (Download accelerator which I loved to use all the time) from RapidShare. I have no choice but to download manually by using my browser (Mozilla Firefox).

DAMN SLOW!!!!....

Each episodes of average size 33MB took me approximately an hour to download completely. Once open to view the file, its quite blur but viewable.

DAMN IT!!!!....

Its .rmvb format which I don't really like. Apologize to Frank that I have tried my best in searching the best quality anime for him. Fortunate enough, he replied to me saying "it’s OK".

Apart from that, another friend (Ken Hong, Wong) has been asking me to transfer episodes of Wasabi Mon Amour via Windows Live Messenger
(WLM). Each episode of average size of 210MB and took 2 hours (depends on Streamyx connection) to transfer completely to him. I really need to salute him upon his patience in waiting such file to be transferred completely from me via WLM.

SALUTE to you my friend, Ken Hong!!!!

Oh well, waiting for the time to go to sleep right after the activity (as shown below picture) is done.