Sunday, March 2, 2008

1st Sunday of MARCH 2008

It has been 2 days I have not updated my blog. Few factors:

  1. No mood
  2. Lazy
  3. etc.

Oh great...I already quit the job (help Alvin's father in his workshop). Its all because someone keep asking me silly questions as if I'm helping his father dealing with illegal business. So Friday morning, I sat at home watching few episodes of Wasabi Mon Amour (TVB drama). Its so boring indeed.

No one asked why I didn't go to work.

Well, all the day and night, sitting down facing my pathetic ancient computer. I also helped my friend (Frank Tan) to download anime (Dragon Ball GT). I have no idea why is it so hard to download anime using Flashget (Download accelerator which I loved to use all the time) from RapidShare. I have no choice but to download manually by using my browser (Mozilla Firefox).

DAMN SLOW!!!!....

Each episodes of average size 33MB took me approximately an hour to download completely. Once open to view the file, its quite blur but viewable.

DAMN IT!!!!....

Its .rmvb format which I don't really like. Apologize to Frank that I have tried my best in searching the best quality anime for him. Fortunate enough, he replied to me saying "it’s OK".

Apart from that, another friend (Ken Hong, Wong) has been asking me to transfer episodes of Wasabi Mon Amour via Windows Live Messenger
(WLM). Each episode of average size of 210MB and took 2 hours (depends on Streamyx connection) to transfer completely to him. I really need to salute him upon his patience in waiting such file to be transferred completely from me via WLM.

SALUTE to you my friend, Ken Hong!!!!

Oh well, waiting for the time to go to sleep right after the activity (as shown below picture) is done.

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