Thursday, March 27, 2008

Form 6 Convocation 2007

A special day that was made for La Salle Form 6 2007.

What day is that? – As mentioned in the title above

Where was it held? – Students Activity Centre, Junior Block, La Salle

Who needs to attend? – Form 6 2007 students especially

How was it? – Great!

So damn hot before and after the ceremony. During the ceremony, sat down and listened to the I-Don’t-Want-To-Hear Speech (I copycat Kimberly Wong style). Lucky it was not that hot.

It was my time to go up stage to receive my scroll from the Chairman of La Salle’s Administration Board, Mr. Ho Kin Wong. Too bad no photograph was allowed when receiving the scroll. This was meant to be done by a professional photographer. Once up on stage, I was nervous. Everything seemed to be “kelam-kabut”. I was not sure whether I smile on the camera or not when receiving my scroll. I opened the scroll and indeed nothing inside. Just to have the “convocation” mood only.

After the ceremony was the photography session. Everyone sweating because its DAMN HOT. I managed to snap few photos during that session. Later, I returned my scroll as well as the graduation gown (which made me felt HOT all times). Then only I received my certificate.

With Gregory Thien

With Jessie Lee

With Yong Lee Vui

With Chai Xun Yu

With Teh Tze Yuen

With Su Mon Fung

WIth one of my junior

Went for a light refreshment before leaving the school. Next, went home to change myself into weekend clothes before heading to Centre Point for movie, Ah Long with friends. I had fun that time. Again we shot few pictures. I can’t show it right now. Maybe next time.


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