Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm So !@#$%^&*

It has been so long I have not updated my blog. Lazy is the factor I supposed.

Let me recall I have been doing for the last few days.

6 MARCH 2008
I had my dinner with my All Saints Form 6 Friends @ Upperstar Damai. Next, we made our way to Cathay Cineplex to watch JUMPER. Lastly, Starbucks to have drinks and chit chat. We mentioned about Election 2008 and STPM 2007 results.

9 MARCH 2008
LaSallian's Gathering cum Dinner held at Upperstar Damai again. We are being informed that STPM 2007 results will be released on the 11 March 2008. More details and pictures, click here:

10 MARCH 2008
Played badminton @ Foo Chow in the morning with my All Saints Form 6 Friends plus one, Alvin. It's the day before STPM 2007 results released.

11 MARCH 2008
I send sms to Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia to check my STPM results @ 12.20p.m. but no reply. So I decided to drive myself to school to collect my results.
Upon arrival, bunch of my classmates stood in front of the office to discuss about University stuff with one of the teachers. I asked Gregory, where to get my results. He replied, come its inside the office. Once entered, I'm being trapped. One of the clerk begging me to donate $$ for the Jogathon event. Alright, I contribute RM 5. I received my results slip, invitation letter for school's convo, invitation letter for school's prize giving day and curriculum certs. Gregory offered me a help to open my results slip.
Unfortunately, what I obtained was not really that....
I obtained 2B and 2 C-. Damn I don't think I can go for Local-U. I wished I could De-Grade my Physics grades and donate them for my Maths and Chemistry grades. 2 C- consider failed for me.
Somehow, I would like to congratulate those who received best results.


Alright, luckily I got PLAN B. I'm going for TAR college KL to pursue my studies in May since I can't have the chance for Local-U.

12 MARCH 2008
In noon, I played badminton again with my All Saints Form 6 friends. From 2.00 - 4.00 p.m. Later, we went to Bukit Padang for jogging and have ABC. It's really tiring. After taken my dinner, 7.30 p.m. I'm off to sleep. But then 10.30 p.m. I woke up because Ken Hong sms me to online. Something to discuss. Oh, another gathering this Sunday, 16 March. Upperstar Damai again around 12 p.m.

Around 11 a.m., I went to Tg. Aru Post Office to purchase RM25 Money Oder for TAR college registration fee and stamps. Then, drove to Taman Cantek to buy Pan Mian for lunch. Thanks to Gregory for reminding me this Sunday's event. Frank online next and talked to me. Well at least I have something to vomit out from my heart and spread to him. A nice buddy to chat with.

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