Monday, April 14, 2008

After Sunday, Here comes My-Another-Monday-Blues

Last night (Sunday), I went for party. It’s a Birthday Party. Jhun Haw’s Birthday Party. Before heading to Jhun Haw’s house, I drove to Lido to buy some BBQ Chicken Wings from a stall. A stall which was located next to Lido’s KFC, the place where “senior citizens” playing Chinese chess. Bought 20 pieces of chickens cost about RM 26. Saturday night only I knew its POT LUCK. So have to buy some food that needs to be shared.

“ If I say I’m not going, everyone’s night will not become bright on the next day”

I really regretted that I washed my car before this. It was drizzling while I was driving to Jhun Haw’s house making my car dirty again. Once arrived, I parked up the pavement lorr since there was no parking around. That’s the benefit of having 4WD car. Got down from my car, Ken Hong who was searching for parking stopped and called me, “Oi MSN.” I don’t understand what he meant.

More than 10 people arrived already. Gave Jhun Haw a small small present and 11 CDs of Bleach anime for Frank (Anime FREAK).


Now only I knew that what was the “Oi MSN”. It’s my picture display for Windows Live Messenger. It’s my T-shirt which my friend bought for my birthday from KL.

Currently I’m waiting for Lo Jhun Haw to retrieve photo’s taken with his camera during his Birthday Party. That night, I return home around 10.30 p.m. and slept around 12 a.m.

Here comes My-Another-Monday-Blues. Today is my last day working for La Salle school. It marked that my RM 200 contract with La Salle has come to an end. Before I shutdown the PC, I uninstall Mozilla Firefox, Windows Live Messenger and Mega Manager. Don't even want Principal to know that I abused something. Somehow something making me @#$%^&*. LEO club teacher, Miss **** came to office and request to help her type Pelan Taktikal KELAB LEO for her by COPYING from others club such as INTERACT KELAB. Keep on CELAKA CELAKA me there

Who the hell are you?

Alright, I did not manage to complete my work just because of some teachers in La Salle have not submit their work for me to key in. Too bad, just wait and see how the Principal going to SOUND you all one by one especially the one CELAKA CELAKA me there.


This image below is the outcome of my HARD WORK. Don’t ask me how many pages. Determine by yourself.

I have planned to spend RM 200 to purchase a notebook HARD DISK. I’m buying one myself an external HARD DISK.

80GB – RM 160

120GB – RM 178

160GB – RM 198

Since 80GB hard disk cost about RM 160, I rather spend another RM 18 for 120GB. No point spending up so much to buy 160GB. Soon, I will be regret by doing so because price for that 160 GB will drop like DURIAN RUNTUH. You may log onto for more price details.

I still need hard disk casing in order to become an EXTERNAL HARD DISK. Casing probably cost about RM 40. Anyway I heard IT / PC fair coming soon. Going to look forward onto that.


Ken said...

Oi, msn!!
nt necessary 2 pour all ur efforts in doing dat "tactical plan"...hehe, btw, y u put pung's version3.0 oni in d link?
wher's mine?
i oso got write de lor!!!

Adrian Foo said...

What you mean about the link?

I didn't put any link related to Lo's Party in my blog, "After Sunday, Here comes My-Another-Monday-Blues".

So you want me to advertise for your version of your blog regarding Lo's Party into my blog?

Advertising Fee: RM 0.00 a.k.a. F.O.C.

Agnes said...

lol!! Tomorrow starting got PC Fair in CP~ Maybe you find that hard disk there :PP~

Adrian Foo said...

Yup I bought one. But its not Notebook hard disk. Its a desktop hard disk.

160 GB IDE hard disk = RM 155
Casing = RM 39
Total = RM 194