Sunday, April 20, 2008

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I know some of you looking forward to see my blog being updated. I apologize that I have not BLOG since I ‘resigned’ from working in my former school, SM La Salle.

I have changed my mind on purchasing External Hard Disk for myself. At the beginning, I planned to buy Notebook Hard Disk as my External Hard Disk. Luckily, I managed to ask my cousin sister (PC “freak”) regarding External Hard Disk (Forgotten what day already I asked). She advised me to buy a Desktop Hard Disk size instead of the Notebook one. She said Notebook Hard Disk very sensitive. Once drop or hit onto something, GONE CASE. Yet, it is expensive. So rather buy a Desktop Hard Disk and I can get even much bigger storage size (CHEAP, GOOD & PLENTY). Oh well, I have changed my mind because of such advise by mu cousin. Thanks!

Friday (18 April 2008) marked the first day of City Computer Fair held in Centre Point, Ground Floor. I went there in the afternoon right after I taken my Passport photo to re-develop. Parked my car in Warisan Square and walked opposite to Centre Point. Sea of people there. I browsed through every computer stall in order for me to survey CHEAP price of an External Hard Disk. Then, I saw Zeuxiant and Justin standing there giving out brochures/flyers. Next, I saw Jhun Haw on “promoting” headphones if I’m not mistaken. A stall, MicronTM displayed few types of Hard Disks. I checked out then price. 160 GB Desktop Hard Disk was RM 155 not include the casing. Price of the casing was RM 40 with a small small fan inside. Total will be RM 194. I went to the opposite stall. Forgotten what name. They offered packages. RM 195 or RM 199 (I really forgot) for 160 GB Desktop Hard Disk including casing. But I asked them how was their free casing looks like. Unfortunately, no fan at all to cool down the hard disk. I therefore turned back to the opposite (back to MicronTM stall) and bought it.

Finally, RM 200 pay from my work was spent onto such thing. Last but not least, I need to rush back home to do my “side work”. Many media files to download especially movies. That was my “side work”. It seemed that I need at least 1.5GB data usage in a day. I’m so fortunate enough that the package subscribed for my streamyx really worth it.

I was being told last night by Gregory that Hui Ling’s Farewell Party will be held on that night. But, he didn’t mentioned the venue and time. Can’t believe that it started around 10 p.m. So late man. Overall I’m unable to go because a lot of FREAKIN’ downloads to do. Anyway, Goodbye my friend, Hui Ling, Vun Fui and Ka Vun. Please come back again to Sabah. Good luck upon your studies in Singapore.

Happy Birthday to my best friend, Yit Chean. Wishing you all the best in your coming exam.

Next day was Saturday (19 April 2008). Frustrated during the day but was being calmed down in the night. Once I switch my WLM status to BUSY, sudden message popped up by Ken Hong. He must be hunting for me. He wanted me to transfer latest TVB drama to him. Causing me not to format my computer (I decided to format my pathetic old notebook before I’m taking it for further studies). UNLUCKILY, it took 30 minutes to transfer 10 MB of the drama. I checked internet speed and nothing went wrong.

Around 11.30 p.m. went out to Warisan Square. I don’t understand what was the problem with my brain. Yesterday I went to Warisan Square but I forgot to buy birthday present for Danny which was going to be at Fish & Co. at Warisan Square again (I think I should be entitled for a free lifetime parking fee). I parked at an illegal parking around Api-Api Centre. Then, I went to CIMB Bank to do withdrawal (I’m going to be BROKE one day). Walked over to Centre Point AGAIN for City Computer Fair just to help Dylon to buy KINGSTON 4GB Pendrive which cost RM 48. Next, walked over to Warisan Square, EX shop to buy a T-shirt for Danny’s present. Return home again but not in the rush as I need to give my STREAMYX modem a day of. I don’t even want to burden my modem.

In the evening right after attending an Evening Mass, rushed to Warisan Square AGAIN (and again) to have dinner with birthday boy, Danny. Somehow, he haven’t arrive yet. But I met Dylon and made our way to Centre Point AGAIN (and again) to have another visit at City Computer Fair. Met Zeuxiant and Justin. I asked him for pendrive. He wanted TVB drama from me. I don’t understand why few of my LaSallian friends were DRAMA FREAK. After walking around Popular Bookstore, Dylon and me walked to Warisan Square, Fish & Co. to have dinner with birthday boy. Quite happy to meet his other friends which I don’t really know them.

Danny was turning into 21 years old

Danny blew the candle

The gang being pround to be invited

Together with Staffs cum Choir members from Fish & Co.

Birthday boy very desperate that he wanted me to go SHENANIGAN at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu. Since we have Kah Yee, Dylon as well as me never been to such place before, we gave it a try. Wow (sam pah lau) a nice place to socialize. Ordered 2 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Music being played when I was there were Maroon 5 – Won’t Go Home Without You, Jennifer Lopez – Do It and one more which I forgot. A-MUST-DRINK can be illustrated below.

Me, Dylon, Kah Yee & Danny

Dylon being too HIGH...

Don't play play...I'm holding Black Label bottle..

Dylon getting HIGH again promoting such drink...

Too bad that such place can’t even make me feel “HIGH” (Uiseh) made Kah Yee, Dylon and me end up in meeting Alvin & Sophia (They just returned from their KL trip on that night) at STARBUCKS at WARISAN SQUARE (AGAIN!). All I received from the both of them were their GRANDMOTHER STORIES about their trip in KL and a gift shown below.


Few minutes later, Kah Yee and Dylon went home. Left Alvin, Sophia and Me. We discussed our future plans and chat until 12.45 a.m. Return home around 1 a.m. I’M NOT DRUNK YET!!!


Ken said...

nothing goes wrong being a DRAMA FREAK!
btw, did d fish & co. staffs shock u?
they suddenly came around d table n sing n shout like natives ppl...

Adrian Foo said...

Oh Freaky,

Yeah shock, staffs completely like BARBARIAN. A lesson learnt. Not to go back there for Birthday Celebration next time. This will be the FIRST and the LAST.

Agnes said...

Waasehh~ Black Label... I want lolx! -__- Everything also want lolx~~ Btw you got saw Jade at the PC Fair?? She working there xD~

Adrian Foo said...

I tak perasan pun she work there. I been there like almost three times yet I didn't even see her. :-(