Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jhun Haw's Party (Version 2.1)

Advertisement regarding Jhun Haw's Party
Version 1.0 by Ken Hong

Version 1.1 by Ken Hong

Version 2.0 by Adrian

Version 2.1 by Adrian (Currently you are viewing now)

Version 3.0 by Tzyy Shan

Version 4.0 by Jhun Haw

Version *.* - Coming Soon BUT Subject to Avaibility
Q: Why do I need to advertise about Jhun Haw's Party?
A: Before blogging this, I received comment from Ken Hong. He was not satisfied.

Ken Hong: Oi, MSN!!!

My T-shirt said DON'T WATCH and what are you looking at?

The guy next to me damn hungry meh...

Is that JUSTIN drowning?

Ken Hong: Piak!!!!
Hui Ling: Aiyah..ouch...why u slap me?
Ken Hong: Just to avoid the camera lens break first (Meaning to say that Hui Ling face can affect the camera lens)

JOKING!!! Don't take it seriously. :-)


Ken said...

u r so COPYCAT!
Ppl ver1, u ver2...
ppl ver1.1, u ver2.1
wad did u mean by "ken hong not satisfied?"

Adrian Foo said...

In your last last comment

Ken said...
Oi, msn!!
nt necessary 2 pour all ur efforts in doing dat "tactical plan"...hehe, btw, y u put pung's version3.0 oni in d link?
wher's mine?
i oso got write de lor!!!
April 14, 2008 10:26 PM

I thought you're not satified that I didn't even put your link nor pung's version...

Miki said...

wei... u like doll de ar?? summore got special name.. >.< i tot oni gals are liddat de...

Adrian Foo said...

Not doll. Only girls like doll. I only like a small small cuddly which makes it cute and makes me happy.
Regret I only bought one...