Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stepping ahead SILENTLY [part 1]

I was bring offered two places to further my studies locally. Firstly, TAR college offered me Dip. In Science (Computer Science & Statistics) in Kuala Lumpur Main Campus. Few weeks later, I was being offered another course by Universiti TAR which is Bach. Of Information Technology (Hons.) Computer Engineering in Perak Campus.

In comparison,

TAR college (MAY 2008 INTAKE):

They offered me Dip. Course just because I obtained a lousy STPM results. Why on earth do I need to take up Diploma course when I had taken it similarly to STPM course spending 1.5 years in La Salle Secondary School? Moreover, by taking up Diploma course again, I need to waste at least 4 years to obtain an Advanced Diploma / Degree certificates. Although school fees studying here considered cheap to me, the living costs residing Kuala Lumpur were very high. Yet, the hostels damn lousy to me.

Universiti TAR (MAY 2008 INTAKE):

This university offered me Degree course. Out of 5 course I chose, they gave me my fourth choice. Such course only required 3 years to obtain a Degree. In fact, I don’t even need to waste another year to get my Diploma again. School fees quite expensive compare to TAR College but its really worth it that I don’t need to waste a year to get Diploma. Apart from that, living costs in Perak considered lower than my hometown. Mind you that this university was located in Kampar not Ipoh. A town that looked peaceful to me. Indeed, the accommodation I got was very nice and new.

After considering both offers, my final decision would be taking up the course offered by Universiti TAR. All I need was to get my ASS off to study. I don’t even want to stay at home doing nothing everyday until July where I may be offered to local universities (IPTA). To play safe, better admit myself to UTAR before the local universities offer me a lousy course to study.


Date: 15 May 2008

Time: 12.30 p.m.

Flight: AirAsia AK 5105

Destination: Kota Kinabalu LCCT -> Kuala Lumpur LCCT

I can see it in the stars across the sky
Dreamt a hundred thousand dreams before
Now I finally realize
You see I've waited all my life for this moment to arrive
And finally yeah

I left Sabah, my hometown. I notified few peoples close me that I’ll be leaving to study. Sorry to those that I didn’t notify them. But hope we can keep in touch always. This was what I want, leaving silently to study. I wanted to keep my profile as low as possible.

To be continued…

Monday, May 19, 2008


Sorry for not updating my blog.


*Subject to avaibility of internet access services

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No benefit from my investment

I got nothing after using that car.

Brother: So are you gonna take off the “loud” car horn before I’m taking over the car?

Me: Yes, because maybe I want to either want to keep it or give it to my friend.

Brother: Don’t lah I want it…so loud…sell it to me lah

Me: Sell to you? I rugi lorr…if I take it off…make sure you ask Uncle X (My mechanic) to connect the old wire to the old horn.

Brother: Harr….

Me: Later daddy sell the car off together with the horn how?

Brother: Don’t worry I will tell him

So, I decided not to take off the Extremely Extraordinary Loud Horn. I need a loud horn to “shoo” away those cows and buffaloes on the road. I hate them distracting me from driving fast on the road. Yet, some even blocks the whole road causing a massive jam.

Brother: The FM Modulator?

Me: It mine what?

Brother: Give it to me lah since you don’t have a car for the moment. Just get rid your memory card. I don’t need those songs anyway.

What also he wants. So “kiasu”. I bought that modulator for RM 43 (if I’m not mistaken) with no display at all. Only buttons and few selections of frequencies. I’m not sure what the price for such thing is now. Lucky it worked by connecting to a card reader.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Who cares anyway?

As mentioned in my last few post ago, that “client” (my former classmate who was the only one who wore baju kurung as her school uniform) sent me SMS-es few days ago.

SMS 1: In the afternoon,

Adrian, sa tdelete e2 maklumat d bhgn cust0mize profile...Hilang semua e2 lagu butt0n yg ko t0long buat dulu..Ajar sa ei mcmn mau buat 2 lagu..Klu hp0n r0sak, ko reply d frenster..Jangan kau s0mb0ng2 dc2 ba hensem b0y..Hihhi

Serve her right. I warned her not to disturb those HTML codes that I edited for her Friendster profile. But then, her mind was stubborn. She was so demanding which I can’t stand it anymore. Others who requested my help for customizing their Friendster profile not giving me frustration at all. She was the only one.

Sorry girl. I’m not going to teach you. Last time during the school days, all you know was to bully me when I seek your help to solve mathematical questions. I’m not arrogant. I was too sick even till this day just because of your demanding needs. I’m not handsome. Mind you, I assumed I was just an average looking person. You think I’m so “terasa” by saying I’m handsome boy?

I refused to reply her message.

SMS 2: At night,

Adrian, kalau k0mputer ko blh on9 da, ko btau sa mcmn mau bt lagu butt0n d frenster a..Hp0n ko mac r0sak ni kan..Sa tnya kwn sa yg lain d0rang x tau ni..Huhu..

Who the hell was she?

Expecting me to online just fix her Friendster profile?

Did you see me online for the whole day these few days?

Indeed these few days, I just let my computer connected to the internet as soon I turned it on. Don’t even want to sign in my Windows Live Messenger (I knew someone else expect me to online). I continued my daily rountine such as downloading movies and songs, surfing the web, updated my blog and etc.

Back to SMS topic. That “client” even mentioned that she asked her friends to help her for Friendster. Unfortunately, NONE of her friends know about such stuff.

Who were her friends? Stella Marians? LaSallians?

I admitted that I was a LaSallian. It was really impossible that NONE of her LaSallian friends (except me) don’t know regarding such thing. Meaning to say, NONE of all my LaSallian friends (my former classmates) don’t EVEN know how to do such stuff. To me, it was unbelievable.

Did she really asked other friends (LaSallians especially) to help her?

Was she purposely just wanted me to help her?

Again, I’m truly sorry that I REALLY REFUSE TO HELP her. It’s not that whether I want to be evil or not. Just that her message written that her other friends don’t know about such stuff.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Un-Stress to De-Stress

It has been quite long I’m so STRESSFUL ENOUGH by keeping myself BUSY ENOUGH at home without going out anywhere to enjoy.

Tuesday night (6 May 2008), one of my old buddies, Dylon planned to watch Iron Man on the next night. I deserved a rest mode since I’m very stressed and movie day was on the next day.

Wednesday (7 May 2008), Sophia, Alvin, Dylon and me make it whereas two person giving a “reasonable” reasons not to go. I logged on to Cathay Cineplex website to book four seats for that night 9.00 p.m. Iron Man show. Compare the night before, I did checked the website. More and more people flocking to watch. I’m so fortunate enough that I was able to book four suitable seats. I obtained my booking number. So, all I need to do with that number was to collect and pay those tickets I booked an hour before the show begin.

I departed from my house around 7.30 p.m. and made my way to Cathay Cineplex. Again, I’m so lucky that I got a nice parking. I saw my former school “boss”, Albert Thien working there. He served me that time and I have a chat with him awhile.

Later, I went to

Pasar Malam somewhere Kampung Air > RM 1.80 Shop in Kampung Air > RM 1.80 Shop in Asia City and RM 2.00 Shop also in Asia City.

I found something which was not suitable for the kids. A box of “Penis Enlargement” displayed in one of the Pasar Malam stall. There are few other packets of I-Don’t-Know-What-Was-It with Chinese words on it. Maybe also the same thing as I mentioned earlier. I walked around there and it reminded me walking in Thailand during Chinese New Year 2007. So many fake goods sold there. Except for two stalls that sold Cassettes. All of it were pasted with “TULEN” sticker.

Next, I walked over to those one-price-shops to look and see cheap goods. At least shopping did de-stressed myself. No more shops for me to hang around alone so I returned back to Cathay Cinema. I wanted to get up my car for air-con (weather quite hot that night) but I saw Alvin’s Car parked behind my car for the moment to look out for parking. I got up his car instead for air-con.

Three of us discussed few matters which was a matter of life and death (I don’t want to mention it to you all). 8.45 p.m. we got down from the car after Alvin managed to find a parking next to my car.

Alvin: The ticket how much for me and Sophia?

Me: All together RM 10.

Alvin: Here is RM 15. I spend you for your ticket as well.

Me: Don’t want lah. Take it back.

Alvin: Because every time go out for movie you help us to collect ticket. Just take it eh.

Me: You this ah. Every time also spend me makes me feel not nice.

Queuing up to buy food and drinks. Ordered myself a Lover’s Combo.

Alvin: Haiyah Lover’s Combo you all alone ah..

Me: Why? You jealous is it? Your movie ticket still with me oh and u paid it already.

Dylon finally appeared. All of us then went into the cinema hall. A foreigner sat our place as we approached to our seats. He was the one mistaken. Manatau his seat was the first row in front of the screen. Pity him. He was the only one in the front row.

At 11.20 p.m., StarBucks CityMall was our next destination. A drinking sessions. I forgot to bring my external hard disk but Alvin did bring his notebook. Sorry Alvin and Sophia that I didn’t bring dramas for the both of you.

While ordering, I pushed Alvin away. I told him I wanted to spend him. Now my turn. At first Dylon planned to spend us. But he was driving so slow and we already arrived.

Dylon reached,

Dylon: Order lah I spend ah.

Me: Alvin, Sophia and me already ordered and I spent them.

Dylon: I thought I said I spend you all?

Me: Nevermind lah. Order your drink. I spend you this time also.

Dylon: Hai like that ah

Me: Order lah. Next round you spend.

Dylon: Klah klah..you this ah…

So we all sat down and chit chat and viewed some photos stored inside Alvin’s notebook. Until 12.15 a.m. we then realized that Starbucks business hour on that night was until 12 a.m. Ooppss..

Now, it was my favourite time. Drove fast back home. I had fun from Lintas highway all the way down to Airport highway and returned home.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The “FOOlisher” in FOO’s Family

Few weeks ago, for no reason, suddenly my elder sis (QUEEN OF THE FOO’s FAMILY) popped-up in study room whereby I was facing my computer that time. She then saw my external hard disk on the table.

Sis: Whose one oh thing one?

Me: Mine lah who else

Sis: Where your buy? When you buy? How much?

Me: I bought it during PC fair at Centre Point for RM 194

Sis: How big is it?

Me: 160 GB

Sis: Then got what inside it? Any movies or drama to let me burn?

I just kept quiet. Who the hell is she asking me for so many stuff?

Sis: For what so “gu hon” (stingy)?

Again, I just kept quiet. I didn’t replied her.

Sis: Idiot

What for I need to be so kind in helping her? I get nothing in the end the moment I helped her to do something. Last time she used to ask me download songs, download movies, fetch her to work or back home and etc. However, when I requested her for help, she just replied me angrily.

What the fucking sis I have here?

I remembered I ask her to help me burn Microsoft Office 2007 into DVD. I don’t even have a DVD burner what more can you say about my sis. My cousin sister was the one who lend her DVD burner. She seemed don’t even want to help me at all.

At first,

Me: You got DVD burner?

Cousin Sister: Got but external one.

Me: Can I borrow from you to burn things?

Cousin Sister: Your sister borrowed from me never return to me yet. You go ask from her.

Me: Ask from her? She wouldn’t let me use. I don’t dare to go to her room to take it away from her

Cousin Sister: Haih…

That night right after my sis came home,

Me: Can I have Rachael’s DVD burner? I want to use it to burn things

Sis: Who tell you the DVD burner is with me?

Me: Rachael larr who else?

Sis: Give me your stuff and blank DVD to me. I help you.

Me: You got blank DVD burner or not?

Sis: None

I knew it. She doesn’t even want to help. Why can’t she buy me a blank DVD disc? She worked in Centre Point from Mondays to Fridays, yet DVD disk is not really expensive, she couldn’t afford to buy me one. Who’s “gu hon” anyway? Only go for clubbing and waste money for alcoholics. Serve her right. She deserves it.

Luckily now I owned a external hard disk. I no longer need a DVD disc to store Microsoft Office 2007 installer in it.

I even blocked her in my Windows Live Messenger contact list. I wanted to avoid her from requesting my help all the time.

From my younger age she ordered me to do this and do that, now I’m not that stupid anymore to help her.

I complained it to my mum but mum don’t even care about it. HOPELESS SISTER!!!!!

I WANT TO BE EVIL!!! Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!....

Monday, May 5, 2008


Oh, great!!!

My brother showed me a SMS sent by my father to his phone. Father wanted my brother to take over the car which I drove most of the time to go out. The car which I assumed it to be the CUTEST to me in the beginning.

So now how am I going out to meet up with friends? SHIT!!! Sadly.

Don’t even dare to ask my father such question. Every time shoot him once but being blast back twice. I’m not his anak manja that makes him “sound” at me.

So PITY me have to stay at home do nothing besides watching drama series. Sadly.

Anyway, that car doesn’t give me any benefits.

- - - When it came to rain heavily, rain water leaked into my car through the car door.

- - - As I drive fast, I can hear the sound of strong wind inside my car. (Just because of that small little hole on the windscreen of the passenger’s side)

- - - Speedometer doesn’t work at all except indicators, engine temperature and fuel gauge. (Originally the car was petrol engine but father convert it into diesel engine)

- - - I only able to travel up to 110 Km/h. (can’t got further than that anymore)

- - - It’s so bumpy. (Even though the road quite smooth, it bumps like for no reason)

- - - No mud flap. (Car easily gets dirty)

- - - Clutch making squeaking sound as I step onto it.

- - - I just found out the car “senget” to the driver’s side. (Not sure I’m a heavy person or I turn to the left frequently)

- - - Air-con gets hot after for 2 – 4 months. (Makes me drive all the way to Kolombong to pump gas)

- - - Lousy wipers

- - - RM 50 diesel for 250 Km

- - - No emergency brake (Handbrake not functioning)

- - - Some part of the car has paint cracks

- - - Reverse light not functioning

- - - Lousy rims

I think that is all I can list.

All I need to do with that car before the prince of my family takes over it is to take off the car horn. This is not an ordinary horn. I equipped that car with such a LOUD horn. Better than those bread vendor van’s horn.

Father wants me to be EVIL? Without car, no more friends request for my help to transport them back home?

I don’t think I can have fun going out anymore.

I deserve it? Serve me right? That is one of the way to become EVIL DEVIL.

The devil wears Prada;

The evil drives Prado.

Can I have a Prado to become Evil?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Can I become an EVIL DEVIL? [part 3]

Person E: I saw your blog, How you make it nice?

Me: By editing the HTML code. All I did was Copy, Paste, Identifying, and Apply.

Person E: How come you know how to do ah…

Me: Because I learnt step by step. You can try to search for those ready made layout ones. Even ah-**** also did it to her own blog. But then her navigation bar and some stuff disappeared. I also need to identify those before I apply those codes into my blog.

Person E: I don’t understand what are you talking about. Those codes…. (Because I’m not so pro in such stuff, I can’t explain well to you…anyway.,.. I kena Za Dao by you)

Person F: My Computer only got C: for my hard disk. I see other people’s pc got D: as another hard disk.

Me: You mean partition is it?

Person F: Yah..you know how to make it?

Me: I think you need to bring your PC to format then only able to make those partitions.

Person F: ARrrgghhh…..I bought this notebook and I didn’t know only got one partition.

Me: Tulah why don’t u ask those people before you buy? (tulah too excited to own a notebook until ignored some stuff)

Person F: I didn’t know lorr…so format all my stuff all gone?

Me: You can ask them to backup your data

Person F: How oh? How they Backup?

Me: -.-“…U just write in a piece of note like let say your pictures musics and movies in My Documents, just leave a not stating…Backup My Documents…they will then transfer you My Documents into another Hard Disk and format your PC and Transfer back you’re my Documents back to your PC (My goodness)

Person F: The fella is my neighbor. I got 50GB of data now to backup.

Me: Walao what you store into your PC? 50GB? For me I backup by putting them into my ext. hard disk.

Person F: Can I borrow your ext. hard disk?

Me: Sorry, I will not. Because it’s my BABY.

Person F: Shit!!(What the?) Like that I burn them into DVD.

Me: Up to you but if your DVD-rom rosak, don’t blame me yah…

I think that was all I can recall those questions. To be honest, I’m not an IT specialist nor a Technician. But I can try my best to help. Just that I’m worried people come to me with their sad face or papaya face. All I did was warned them “DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

I'm very sorry to those who knew who they were when reading those questions mentioned.

So, do you think I’m so trusted enough?

I wished one day I try be evil enough by giving them LIES and BULLSHITS. I’m thinking whether I should change my personality from Trustworthy to be an un-trusted person.

Could I? Should I? May I? Will I? Must I?

Sometimes, being too helpful to others is no good (Few person came to me told me that). I get nothing in the end except the word “thank you”. In the end I got BETRAYED. I FOUND OUT SOMEBODY DISTRIBUTE MY MOBILE PHONE NUMBER TO OTHERS THAT I DON’T KNOW. I RECEIVED SO MANY PRANK CALLS. I’m going to change my mobile number someday. Lucky to those who has my new number.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can I become an EVIL DEVIL? [part 2]

Next, few questions regarding my help on my friends’ computers (You know who you are if you read those question below)

Person A: Adrian, how to convert those drama that I download into DVD format? I want to burn them into DVDs and watch it with my DVD player.

Me: Harr…I don’t know eh. I never tried to burn those drama before into DVD. Lagipun I don’t even have a DVD burner.

Person B: Eh, I just format my computer. My motherboard cannot detect my graphic card. Can you help?

Me: Why don’t you search on the internet to download driver for your graphic card? I think that’s the only way I can help. Somehow, my pc don’t even have a graphic card. So I’m not that familiar. You can try to bring it to any computer shop to solve your problems

Person C: Eh where you normally download movies and songs?

Me: I download movies from www.torrentbox.com. Songs I download using LimeWire.

Person C: Fast or not download the movie?

Me: Depends on your internet connection and LUCK.

Person C: Then how come you can download movie so fast?

Me: Because I’m lucky lorr…(diaong)…

Person C: then download songs, any website besides the program?

Me: Got but then I don’t recommend you. Because may contain virus or spyware and even got those banner with those sexy sexy pictures.

Person C: Har like that ah…Then use LimeWire no virus and even spyware?

Me: Probability of getting virus or spyware very low. (That’s my best answer ever)…

Person C: Then where to download?

Me: go GOOGLE then type limewire. DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK. I odn’t want people come forwardto me to cry desparately and complain.

(He was downloading the program)

Person C: Then so far your PC got infected?

Me: So far I seldom use the program to download songs. I mostly download one whole album. Only if I’m looking for specific song, I use that program. (Za Dao leh my answer)

Person D: Eh how to save pictures from Sony handphone to PC? I connect the cable and install the program but doesn’t work.

Me: Harr…I don’t know…use Bluetooth or infrared (My answer sounds like SILLY). I’m not using Sony phone.

Person D: Like that nevermind.

Me: Oh I know, try to go the the “connectivity” of your phone, then select the “sync”..

Person D: What is the *********** (I forgotten what he asked because I’m not familiar)

Me: Opps..I don’t know oh…try to go GOOGLE and type your problems there.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Can I become an EVIL DEVIL? [part 1]

The devil wears Prada;

The evil drives Prado.

In early 2006:

I got nothing to do at home. Everyday I customize my Friendster profile. Yet, I even helped some of my friends to customize their Friendster profile too. They took their risk by changing their password of their Friendster account and hand that layout customization to me. I didn’t even distribute their password to anyone. Am I trustworthy enough?

Middle of 2006:

My best friend, Yit Chean whom I met him since I started my high school life in All Saints, went over to Labuan for Matriculation studies. He had the problem accessing his Friendster account. So, he requested for my help. He then risked himself by giving me his password for his Friendster account and even his Yahoo Mail!. Such matter continued until March 2007 if I’m not mistaken. None of his account passwords I distribute to anyone. Again, am I too trustworthy?

Year end 2007:

One of my “odd” friends in Upper 6 Science La Salle girl (The one who wears baju kurung as school uniform) even seek my help to customize her Friendster profile. So I told her to change her password before giving me her email for her Friendster account. I can describe her as the most DEMANDING “client” ever. She should be grateful enough that I didn’t spread her password yet to anyone. Can I consider myself being trustworthy?

Beginning 2008 till now:

As you know that my most DEMANDING client sent an sms to me like almost once every week, complaining that she hated this, she doesn’t want that, she wanted to be like that, and etc. I’m tired of her. I wished she can GTFO* out of my friendship and “partnership”. It was too much complains and demands she made towards me. Already I’m too kind that I have not distributing her account password to anyone yet. Again and again, how long I can be trusted?


Regarding IPTA registration via online, her best friend ever and even herself also sent few sms to me. I’m being “smack” by quite a number of “IDIOTIC” questions. I don’t even understand why the hell they keep asking me only instead of others? I’m not the WEBMASTER to set up the website for online IPTA registration. I told them earlier to REGISTER AT THEIR OWN RISK. Somehow, I really felt sick of it, that B-Itch.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quite Upset

I woke up in the morning (30th April 2008), I don’t understand what was happening to my chest. It was so pain. I skipped breakfast. I Drank water made the bottom of my chest painful as the water started to flowed into my stomach. I tried to breathe through my mouth and indeed it was still the same.

Lunch already prepared as my mum went to Gaya Street to buy Yee Fung Kuching Laksa (My favourite). I “fast” until the time struck 12 p.m. Even I swallowed my food, the pain still there as the food flowed into my stomach.

I told my mother about such matter and she started to “pili pala” there. She told me to see Dr. Doong, Klinik Malaysia at Iramanis (So far from my house). After taken my lunch, I prepared myself and went off to see the doctor. The doctor said I have gastric. Gastric in the form that “reflux back”. I don’t understand what he mentioned. All I wanted myself to be cured. The doctor added if I’m still not OK, I need to be examined through “scope”. You know those long long thing with a tiny camera inserted into your mouth to see what is wrong inside your body.

Later, I went to CityMall Giant supermarket to buy milk. Dutch Lady Fresh Milk. Before that, I walked around there just to update myself. Just one of my favourite hobby, window shopping.

Went home after that.

At night, Jhun Haw and Zeuxiant invited my to watch Iron Man on Labour Day. And my former class monitor, Kenny is leaving for Miri to study. Too bad for me, I better stay at home to make myself fully recovered.

Bye Kenny. Your leadership poured onto Lower 6 Science (2006) and Upper 6 Science (2007) was much appreciated.

Today (1st May 2008), I went out to have breakfast with my family. Came back around 11 a.m. The pain can still be felt by me again. Anyway, I just downloaded two music albums. Not yet release but available for me to download.

Cherish- The Truth (Release May 13, 2008)

Track List:
1. Killa
2. I Ain't Trippin
3. Amnesia
4. Notice
5. Framed Out
6. Before You Were My Man
7. Superstar
8. Only One
9. Love Sick
10. Damages
11. Like a Drum

I have forgotten whether I heard such band before or not. It seemed like never heard.


Jesse McCartney- Departure (Release May 20, 2008)

Track List:
1. Leavin'" T
2. It's Over
3. Rock You
4. "How Do You Sleep
5. Into Ya
6. Make Up
7. My Baby
8. Told You So
9. Relapse
10. Runnin'
11. Freaky
12. Not Your Enemy

Jesse McCartney is back. I got the album before the release date. Too bad I haven’t listen to it. Not much free time to listen.


At least I don’t need to waste my money just to buy album track. With streamyx, I can get it for free and fast.