Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No benefit from my investment

I got nothing after using that car.

Brother: So are you gonna take off the “loud” car horn before I’m taking over the car?

Me: Yes, because maybe I want to either want to keep it or give it to my friend.

Brother: Don’t lah I want it…so loud…sell it to me lah

Me: Sell to you? I rugi lorr…if I take it off…make sure you ask Uncle X (My mechanic) to connect the old wire to the old horn.

Brother: Harr….

Me: Later daddy sell the car off together with the horn how?

Brother: Don’t worry I will tell him

So, I decided not to take off the Extremely Extraordinary Loud Horn. I need a loud horn to “shoo” away those cows and buffaloes on the road. I hate them distracting me from driving fast on the road. Yet, some even blocks the whole road causing a massive jam.

Brother: The FM Modulator?

Me: It mine what?

Brother: Give it to me lah since you don’t have a car for the moment. Just get rid your memory card. I don’t need those songs anyway.

What also he wants. So “kiasu”. I bought that modulator for RM 43 (if I’m not mistaken) with no display at all. Only buttons and few selections of frequencies. I’m not sure what the price for such thing is now. Lucky it worked by connecting to a card reader.


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