Monday, May 5, 2008


Oh, great!!!

My brother showed me a SMS sent by my father to his phone. Father wanted my brother to take over the car which I drove most of the time to go out. The car which I assumed it to be the CUTEST to me in the beginning.

So now how am I going out to meet up with friends? SHIT!!! Sadly.

Don’t even dare to ask my father such question. Every time shoot him once but being blast back twice. I’m not his anak manja that makes him “sound” at me.

So PITY me have to stay at home do nothing besides watching drama series. Sadly.

Anyway, that car doesn’t give me any benefits.

- - - When it came to rain heavily, rain water leaked into my car through the car door.

- - - As I drive fast, I can hear the sound of strong wind inside my car. (Just because of that small little hole on the windscreen of the passenger’s side)

- - - Speedometer doesn’t work at all except indicators, engine temperature and fuel gauge. (Originally the car was petrol engine but father convert it into diesel engine)

- - - I only able to travel up to 110 Km/h. (can’t got further than that anymore)

- - - It’s so bumpy. (Even though the road quite smooth, it bumps like for no reason)

- - - No mud flap. (Car easily gets dirty)

- - - Clutch making squeaking sound as I step onto it.

- - - I just found out the car “senget” to the driver’s side. (Not sure I’m a heavy person or I turn to the left frequently)

- - - Air-con gets hot after for 2 – 4 months. (Makes me drive all the way to Kolombong to pump gas)

- - - Lousy wipers

- - - RM 50 diesel for 250 Km

- - - No emergency brake (Handbrake not functioning)

- - - Some part of the car has paint cracks

- - - Reverse light not functioning

- - - Lousy rims

I think that is all I can list.

All I need to do with that car before the prince of my family takes over it is to take off the car horn. This is not an ordinary horn. I equipped that car with such a LOUD horn. Better than those bread vendor van’s horn.

Father wants me to be EVIL? Without car, no more friends request for my help to transport them back home?

I don’t think I can have fun going out anymore.

I deserve it? Serve me right? That is one of the way to become EVIL DEVIL.

The devil wears Prada;

The evil drives Prado.

Can I have a Prado to become Evil?

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