Thursday, May 8, 2008

Un-Stress to De-Stress

It has been quite long I’m so STRESSFUL ENOUGH by keeping myself BUSY ENOUGH at home without going out anywhere to enjoy.

Tuesday night (6 May 2008), one of my old buddies, Dylon planned to watch Iron Man on the next night. I deserved a rest mode since I’m very stressed and movie day was on the next day.

Wednesday (7 May 2008), Sophia, Alvin, Dylon and me make it whereas two person giving a “reasonable” reasons not to go. I logged on to Cathay Cineplex website to book four seats for that night 9.00 p.m. Iron Man show. Compare the night before, I did checked the website. More and more people flocking to watch. I’m so fortunate enough that I was able to book four suitable seats. I obtained my booking number. So, all I need to do with that number was to collect and pay those tickets I booked an hour before the show begin.

I departed from my house around 7.30 p.m. and made my way to Cathay Cineplex. Again, I’m so lucky that I got a nice parking. I saw my former school “boss”, Albert Thien working there. He served me that time and I have a chat with him awhile.

Later, I went to

Pasar Malam somewhere Kampung Air > RM 1.80 Shop in Kampung Air > RM 1.80 Shop in Asia City and RM 2.00 Shop also in Asia City.

I found something which was not suitable for the kids. A box of “Penis Enlargement” displayed in one of the Pasar Malam stall. There are few other packets of I-Don’t-Know-What-Was-It with Chinese words on it. Maybe also the same thing as I mentioned earlier. I walked around there and it reminded me walking in Thailand during Chinese New Year 2007. So many fake goods sold there. Except for two stalls that sold Cassettes. All of it were pasted with “TULEN” sticker.

Next, I walked over to those one-price-shops to look and see cheap goods. At least shopping did de-stressed myself. No more shops for me to hang around alone so I returned back to Cathay Cinema. I wanted to get up my car for air-con (weather quite hot that night) but I saw Alvin’s Car parked behind my car for the moment to look out for parking. I got up his car instead for air-con.

Three of us discussed few matters which was a matter of life and death (I don’t want to mention it to you all). 8.45 p.m. we got down from the car after Alvin managed to find a parking next to my car.

Alvin: The ticket how much for me and Sophia?

Me: All together RM 10.

Alvin: Here is RM 15. I spend you for your ticket as well.

Me: Don’t want lah. Take it back.

Alvin: Because every time go out for movie you help us to collect ticket. Just take it eh.

Me: You this ah. Every time also spend me makes me feel not nice.

Queuing up to buy food and drinks. Ordered myself a Lover’s Combo.

Alvin: Haiyah Lover’s Combo you all alone ah..

Me: Why? You jealous is it? Your movie ticket still with me oh and u paid it already.

Dylon finally appeared. All of us then went into the cinema hall. A foreigner sat our place as we approached to our seats. He was the one mistaken. Manatau his seat was the first row in front of the screen. Pity him. He was the only one in the front row.

At 11.20 p.m., StarBucks CityMall was our next destination. A drinking sessions. I forgot to bring my external hard disk but Alvin did bring his notebook. Sorry Alvin and Sophia that I didn’t bring dramas for the both of you.

While ordering, I pushed Alvin away. I told him I wanted to spend him. Now my turn. At first Dylon planned to spend us. But he was driving so slow and we already arrived.

Dylon reached,

Dylon: Order lah I spend ah.

Me: Alvin, Sophia and me already ordered and I spent them.

Dylon: I thought I said I spend you all?

Me: Nevermind lah. Order your drink. I spend you this time also.

Dylon: Hai like that ah

Me: Order lah. Next round you spend.

Dylon: Klah this ah…

So we all sat down and chit chat and viewed some photos stored inside Alvin’s notebook. Until 12.15 a.m. we then realized that Starbucks business hour on that night was until 12 a.m. Ooppss..

Now, it was my favourite time. Drove fast back home. I had fun from Lintas highway all the way down to Airport highway and returned home.


Agnes said...

Walao You SCANNED the receipt ROFL

Adrian Foo said...

ROFL? After spending, I'm almost broke. Hahahaha