Friday, May 9, 2008

Who cares anyway?

As mentioned in my last few post ago, that “client” (my former classmate who was the only one who wore baju kurung as her school uniform) sent me SMS-es few days ago.

SMS 1: In the afternoon,

Adrian, sa tdelete e2 maklumat d bhgn cust0mize profile...Hilang semua e2 lagu butt0n yg ko t0long buat dulu..Ajar sa ei mcmn mau buat 2 lagu..Klu hp0n r0sak, ko reply d frenster..Jangan kau s0mb0ng2 dc2 ba hensem b0y..Hihhi

Serve her right. I warned her not to disturb those HTML codes that I edited for her Friendster profile. But then, her mind was stubborn. She was so demanding which I can’t stand it anymore. Others who requested my help for customizing their Friendster profile not giving me frustration at all. She was the only one.

Sorry girl. I’m not going to teach you. Last time during the school days, all you know was to bully me when I seek your help to solve mathematical questions. I’m not arrogant. I was too sick even till this day just because of your demanding needs. I’m not handsome. Mind you, I assumed I was just an average looking person. You think I’m so “terasa” by saying I’m handsome boy?

I refused to reply her message.

SMS 2: At night,

Adrian, kalau k0mputer ko blh on9 da, ko btau sa mcmn mau bt lagu butt0n d frenster a..Hp0n ko mac r0sak ni kan..Sa tnya kwn sa yg lain d0rang x tau ni..Huhu..

Who the hell was she?

Expecting me to online just fix her Friendster profile?

Did you see me online for the whole day these few days?

Indeed these few days, I just let my computer connected to the internet as soon I turned it on. Don’t even want to sign in my Windows Live Messenger (I knew someone else expect me to online). I continued my daily rountine such as downloading movies and songs, surfing the web, updated my blog and etc.

Back to SMS topic. That “client” even mentioned that she asked her friends to help her for Friendster. Unfortunately, NONE of her friends know about such stuff.

Who were her friends? Stella Marians? LaSallians?

I admitted that I was a LaSallian. It was really impossible that NONE of her LaSallian friends (except me) don’t know regarding such thing. Meaning to say, NONE of all my LaSallian friends (my former classmates) don’t EVEN know how to do such stuff. To me, it was unbelievable.

Did she really asked other friends (LaSallians especially) to help her?

Was she purposely just wanted me to help her?

Again, I’m truly sorry that I REALLY REFUSE TO HELP her. It’s not that whether I want to be evil or not. Just that her message written that her other friends don’t know about such stuff.



Agnes said...

Eeeee~ Stay away from her!!! She is dangerous!! I can sense it! LOL!!!

Adrian Foo said...

I'm staying away from her. I refused to reply her message. She only knows how to waste my phone credit.

Ken said...

Poor gal dat sms u.
she sms me asking me if ur hp rosak.
unfortunateky, my hp xpired liao, i din reply her...hahaha.
Adrian, no heaven for u!haha...

Tzyyshan said... i know her? akakakak!

Adrian Foo said...

Ken Hong: My mobile rosak or not rosak I wouldn't reply her. I want to test whether is she that culprit / betrayer who spread my mobile number. I apologize that i didn't reply your message as well. Yup no heaven for me as I'm becoming evil.

Tzyy Shan: Yes you know her. She is none other than your former classmates who was the only one wore baju kurung to school.

To both of you: Is it true that none of you know how to do those HTML codes stuff?

Tzyyshan said...

hahah i tot just generate the code once u finish modifying the profiles?!......

yo so obvious. i know who d. haha!

Adrian Foo said...

Tzyy Shan: Yes. As simple as that. Don't understand why she doesn't seek your help instead.

Evelyn Aka Kirana Cinta Mentari said...

Kurang asam kau!!! Saya manada kasi spread kau punya hanpon number!!! banyak lagi kerja lain yang saya mau buat daripada sebarkan nombor handpon kau!!! haha..perasan betul ini si tapir ni!!! Saya tidak send mesej dengan wong ken hong sebab saya tguk frenster dia dulu teda music ba!! Saya pun tiada sms Pung sebab credit saya masa tu tinggal sikit. Jadi, lebih selamat sms kau sebab kau memang tau..tapi, tidak lama lepas tu, ada seorang stellarian yang tau pasal kod HTML tu..jadi, sekarang saya tau sudah macammana mau change lagu n layout di frenster saya!!Memang tapir OH! selalu salah sangka dengan saya!!! Mengumpat lagi..hahaha.. moga-moga itu pintu heaven terbuka sikit untuk kau!! hehehe..

Adrian Foo said...


Evelyn Aka Kirana Cinta Mentari said...

Wat Is GtFO? Budak yang dapat band 7 dalam muet memang begini..Mesti menghina saya lagi ni..aaiii..haiz...

Adrian Foo said...

Don't know then STFU!!!