Monday, June 23, 2008

A PROPER way to ADvertise?

On Saturday night, 21 June 2008, one of my housemates, Hong Leong suggested to have a drink with my other housemates as well.

On the way out of Westlake neighbourhood, all of us came across to a road sign. I found out few days ago that the road sign was being vandalize.

Just that it seemed none of my housemates know about it. I asked them while we were cycling, “Don’t you all think that this road sign looked so obscene?”

Few of them responded. So, we mentioned about the road sign was an illustration of a male’s !@#$%^. Tek Sheng suggested, “Later on the way back we take a picture of it.”

We went “Waiting You” Café to have our night drink. Next to the café, a projecter screen has been set up. I have the opportunity to watch “Kung Fu Dunk” Movie. We sat there for 2 hours I guessed to watch that movie.

On the way back home, Tek Sheng took a picture of me with such an obscene road sign.

Apart from that, I found out something at the back of the road sign.

Seksyen 1/7 turned out to be “SEKS” (SEX) street?
But I see no one promoting, exhibiting, displaying, exposing or whatever it is their “Possessions”.

Another road sign which is nearly next to the guard house,

I’m staying in “KAMPA to the R” (KAMPAR) not “KAMPA to the P” (KAMPAP)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, how can I miss out something?

Dear readers,

Want to know more about Kampar, Perak?
I got an interesting site for you all to read. Click here to read.

Hope you all enjoy reading it in the meantime waiting for me to publish upcoming new post about my life in Kampar, Perak.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My LIFE in Kampar, Perak [my transportation]

I kept telling myself: I wish I have a car in Kampar, Perak equipped with a GPS (navigation device). With a car as well as that ‘high-tech” device, I can drive to either: -drive to school, -drive to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper, -drive to Kampar Old Town or Ipoh during weekends, -drive all the way down to KL for “summer” holidays or etc.

Somehow that was just a wish or a dream. In reality, I ended up getting myself a bicycle. A mountain bike indeed.


Before school,

Father: Do you need a bicycle to cycle to school or what?

Me: No need first.

Few minutes later,

Me: I think I better get a bicycle.

Father: So I better go early to those bicycle shops and buy one for you. Yesterday all bicycles were completely sold. No stock!

Me: I know, even a boy have no choice but to buy a new “china bicycle” from those shops.

Father: If I buy, how would you want your bicycle to be?

Me: Just buy those mountain bikes with front absorbers only. If you want to buy with rear suspensions, I’ll really appreciate it.

Father: Ok then. Later if those bicycle shops still no stock, I’ll be driving all the way to Ipoh to get one for you.

On the first day of UTAR orientation, my father was the one who fetch me to school. 12 – 2 p.m., it was a break time. I went to the canteen for lunch. I was shocked to see a lot of freshmen like me queuing up for food. I have no choice but to return home for just a cup of instant noodle. I called my father.

Me: Where are you?

Father: I’m in Ipoh bicycle shop. Why?

Me: I’m having a break now. Just want to ask whether you are free to fetch me now.

Father: I can’t. Still waiting for your bicycle to be ready.

Me: Like that never mind. I walk back home.

Father: Oh yah which colour you want?, Red with Yellow OR Blue with a bit of Silver?

Me: Ermm…buy the Blue one

Father: Ok. Eh, do you want to fix front basket? Because the fella said if you fix, it may affect your front absorbers when u bump onto something.

Me: Ermm…can fix “rack” like for people to sit behind on my bicycle?

Father: Can. So do you still want to fix the front basket?

Me: Just fix the ‘rack”.

Father: Ok. If you want to add the basket next time, you go to the nearest bicycle shop there to fix.

Me: Ok

I have no choice but to walk home. Along my way back home, hot sun kept making me sweating. I prayed that I wouldn’t get sunburn. It’s quite difficult. Most student cycled back home much faster than I walked. Some who walked were sweating and complaining. I felt that as if I was walking in a desert. Moreover, I need to return to school by 2 p.m. Lucky for me that I asked my father to get myself a bicycle.

Life with a bicycle really benefits a lot. I can:

1.11. Cycle to school much faster than walking

2.22. Travel myself to buy food and groceries

3.43. Exercise myself by cycling around Kampar New Town and Lake

4. 4. And many more

LERUN Solaris (Rare bike in Kampar New Town)

Front absorbers (It’s not KONI Suspension)

Acceleration Pedals (Flintstone style - manually)

Gearbox (SHIMANO 21-speed)

Ass-Pain-Making seats (It’s not RECARO bucket seats)

Front Basket (To carry my loads)

Rear “rack” (It’s used to carry my future GF)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What you meant by monument?
Actually it was a pole which “attached” tightly to the ceiling and to the floor inside my room

What is it for?
I need it to hang my trousers or clothes

Why hang clothes?
I need to hang my trousers for me to wear it again on the next day to school. I even hang my clothing and “triangular flags” (my underwear) especially to dry after I washed it on my own. (Don’t laugh! Do you wear underwear?)

Very convenient is it?

Why hang indoor not outside?
It’s hard to find a place to hang my clothes for drying. Opposite of my house was currently under construction and I’m worried dust especially cement dust may stick to my wet clothes causing it to be heavier once dried.

Since there is laundry service, why still need to wash your own underwear?
This is not my home sweet home. To be honest, I dumped my underwear into washing machine at my home sweet home. But since I came here, I wanted to be independent and wash it on my own. I don’t even want outside people to touch my dirty underwear to wash. I have mercy OK. (Don’t laugh! You think it will be nice if someone touch and see your dirty underwear?) [Eeeuuwww…YUX!]

Any superstition from you regarding that monument?
I don’t even want to see any “pair of mountains with strings” (BRA) and “flowery triangular flags OR triangular flags with laces” (LADIES UNDERWEAR). (Don’t laugh! Does your mum or your wife wear it?)
Mind you that this is a man’s room. STRICTLY A NO NO!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My LIFE in Kampar, Perak [my accommodation]

Previously before leaving for KL, I made a called to Danish House Sdn. Bhd. regarding any room vacancy for me to stay while pursuing my studies in UTAR Kampar, Perak. They put me into waiting list. All I need to do was to pray hoping that I got a place to stay.

Half an hour before I board AirAsia plane to KL, one of the staff called me. (They called me a lot of times and asked the same questions). I have no choice but to answer the call and listened to their BLOODY POOR ENGLISH. Most staff there seems to speak Cantonese and Mandarin. But I insist on speaking English because it’s a worldwide language.

Staff: Mr. Adrian Foo ah…

Me: Yes, speaking.

Staff: Did you receive any offer letter from our Danish house regarding your Westlake home or not?

Me: Till now I have not receive any single word of letter from you.

Staff: So now you really want to come here to stay or not?

Me: How many times I need to answer this question? You all keep calling me to ask me the same old question. I answered YES and I gave you my FULL NAME, IC No. and MOBILE No. all the time as requested by you.

Staff: Oh…ah….like that ah…

Me: In few minutes I’ll be boarding a plane to come over KL and on the 18 May, I’ll be coming to your office, KAMPAR to do registration for my accommodation at Westlake home. CONFIRMED! Do I make myself clear? Mark my words!

Staff: Oh OK OK. Please don’t come on 18 May to check in. Come on 19 May onwards.

Me: Alright. Thanks. Bye.

TUUUUUTTT……..I immediately abort the called. SICK of their questions and language.

So, I went to Danish House office to do my registration of accommodation. Made payment and Signed agreement. Later, I went to check my new “home”, my room.

My home:

My neighbourhood:

My room (before):

My room (cleaning and arranging progress):

My room (after):

Specification and Services of my accommodation:
- Ground floor
- Single occupancy
- Toilet with water heater
- Table, chair, cupboard and bed
- Fan and exhaust fan
- Broadband (Currently unavailable temporarily)
- RM 275 a month (RM250 a month since broadband service not available)
- Laundry service with maximum of 7kg a week
- Pantry (kitchen) area with refrigerator
- Dining table
- Housekeeping once a week
- New mattress

I think that’s all I can list out. I’m satisfied with my accommodation.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stepping ahead SILENTLY [part 4]

I guess this title has come to an ending. It has been a long and tiring journey.

To summarize,

15 May 2008:
- Left Kota Kinabalu to KL in the afternoon.
- Headed to Bandar Sunway to get a car.
- Staying in one of the most luxurious condominiums I assumed, around Mont Kiara.
- Trying out father’s newly bought GPS device by making our way to TAR College, Setapak at night.

16 May 2008:




Forgotten (Sorry, I do have short term memory)



21 May 2008:
- The day before UTAR’s first day of orientation
- I settled down in my very own new accommodation, Westlake homes.
- My first night was my new room whereas my father was staying overnight in GRAND KAMPAR HOTEL.

Stepping ahead SILENTLY ended…..
*~Stay tune for more on my life in Kampar, Perak~*

Friday, June 13, 2008


While waiting for my next lesson around 2 p.m., I went to UTAR computer lab to surf the web after I have failed to connect to UTAR's wireless with my notebook.
From the title, I try to surf back my former secondary school's website, S.M. La Salle.
  1. I typed at the address bar.
  2. I typed at the google search bar
  3. Instead clicking directly to the main page, I clicked the third link : La Salle Secondary School, Kota Kinabalu - Wikipedia, the free ...
  4. I scrolled down, until I got to see the School Anthem
  5. I'm so disappointed because the lyrics was typed wrongly.


Full of manliness and will,

Spirits nought for danger caring,

Hearts to conquer every ill


We are sons of La Salle everyone,

And no matter where we go,

High aloft her flag we will hold,

And strive that her fame may grow

There are famous schools in plenty,

With their heroes by their score,

And they flourish high and mighty,

But La Salle is Something More


Come whatever kind of weather,

Come the stormy days along,

When the old boys get together,

They will always sing this song


The first line of the lyrics certainly made me shocked. It was supposed to be "Boys of courage, Boys of daring. But turned out to be a silly mistakes in Wikipedia. Wikipedia which I assumed to be the famous free online encyclopedia. Who is that bloody fella that publish that damn school anthem incorrectly?


Monday, June 9, 2008

Considering myself to be a “HACKER” or NOT

During the days when I was staying in Mont Kiara temporarily, I managed to gain wireless access to the internet. Luckily, there were two “unsecured” wireless networks that my Notebook was able to detect them. The wireless router most probably belonged to my “temporarily” neighbours. “Unsecured” meaning to say, I do not need to key in access key or “password” in order to connect to their wireless router. BUT, connecting to their wireless router was on my very own risk.

So, I preferred to connect to the best-received-unsecured-wireless-signal router.

Straight to the point:
Since I’ve got nothing to do, my itchy hands made me tried to “HACK” the wireless router that I’ve connected.

First I typed the IP address into my address bar of my browser. Then, a Window popped up ordered me to key in the USERNAME and PASSWORD to access the SETUP of the wireless router. I did so.

Hooray! I made it THROUGH!

Some of you may question on how I obtained the USERNAME and PASSWORD so easily. Well, do your own research. Hahaha….

By successfully accessing through the router SETUP, I was able to change some settings of the router like:
1. Blocking some famous websites (GOOGLE, YAHOO!, YOUTUBE, FRIENDSTER, & etc.)
2. Enable security code for those who wants to access to the internet via this wireless router
3. Limiting users to access to the internet wirelessly
4. Reset the whole thing
5. And many more

Being an evil for me has come to a limit. Therefore, I rather not disturb any settings of the router that I’ve connected.

I remember last time, when my house wi-fi was out of service, I called technician to configure it. I observed what he did. At last, my wi-fi returned to work after few simple steps made by the technician. From that, I was being charged RM 30 for it.


Now, I’m smart enough to configure my wi-fi all by myself.

One of my biggest missions:
I want to HACK Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s WIRED and WIRELESS ACCESS POINT and ALL COMPUTERS in COMPUTER LABS!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stepping ahead SILENTLY [part 3]

I know that I have not been updating my blog regularly. So I decided to make things straight. Not going to tell the whole grandmother stories of mine. Just a summary.

At Suria KLCC, I managed to get myself a pair of CROCS sandals. RM 129.00. It has been quite long I dreamt of such footwear. To me, it looked CUTE to me. I can treat it as SANDALS cum SLIPPERS. Its worth to buy in Parkson, Suria KLCC because I obtained 10X Bonuslink points.

Chocolate colour is my favourite and doesn’t gets dirty easily. I noticed one of my friend, Mitorica wore such footwear. But hers kind of ladies shoes. Of course, the same brand as my newly bought Sandals cum Slippers, CROCS.

I came across an “not so african and not so Indian as well as not so malay guy”. He greeted me and asked my name. I greeted him as well and introduced my name. He said that he was lucky to find me that I was able to speak English (Hello, English is worldwide language). After talking his crippy and crappy stuff, he request RM 5 from me for something which I don’t remember. So, my best answer was to tell him that I was running out of cash and I need to search for my father now. I added sorry to him. He said its OK. He went off.

Am I EVIL enough for not helping such guy? If I’m an ANGEL, I would be in hot soup. UNTRUSTED GUY I ever met. In KLCC also got such person trying to con you.
Other than Suria KLCC, I been to 1-Utama (I hate when I got myself stuck either in new wing and old wing), Jaya Jusco (Setapak) and Low Yat Plaza (I rather buy gadgets from my own hometown, Sabah)

Got myself: New notebook and B/W laser printer.
Father let me drove along the SPRINT highway and PLUS highway. This time it was not BMW. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo * instead. That car was imported all the way from Kota Kinabalu to KL. We need a car to travel ourself from one place to another place.

So “syiok” to drive from KL highway all the way up to Perak. More “syiok” if my father let me drive more than 110 km/h. Such car if I’m not mistaken was 2.0 liter engine and equipped with “Blow OFF”. I love the acceleration and the sound. Unlike those malay modified sport cars with noisy exhaust sound.

Father told that he wanted to buy this car as soon as I obtain my driving license. However he said the car was to powerful for me. To avoid me from being into “TUNG KA TAU FU”, Father didn’t buy that Lancer for less than RM 30K for me. Pity.

With the help of GPS, driving around Peninsular Malaysia made easy. Father got himself a GPS from Singapore way cheaper than Malaysia. Quite accurate. Equipped with “lady’s voice” that guide you to your chosen destination or route. “Turn right then in 300 metres, turn left…..”


Father and I at One of Chinese Temples in IPOH

Next to the Temple was a demolished yet abandoned house

Kellies Castle

Kellies Castle with Li Ting and Yew Joon (My mum’s friend children)

Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan (Can you see the building was leaning to my right side?). For more info of this building, click here.

To be continued…