Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What you meant by monument?
Actually it was a pole which “attached” tightly to the ceiling and to the floor inside my room

What is it for?
I need it to hang my trousers or clothes

Why hang clothes?
I need to hang my trousers for me to wear it again on the next day to school. I even hang my clothing and “triangular flags” (my underwear) especially to dry after I washed it on my own. (Don’t laugh! Do you wear underwear?)

Very convenient is it?

Why hang indoor not outside?
It’s hard to find a place to hang my clothes for drying. Opposite of my house was currently under construction and I’m worried dust especially cement dust may stick to my wet clothes causing it to be heavier once dried.

Since there is laundry service, why still need to wash your own underwear?
This is not my home sweet home. To be honest, I dumped my underwear into washing machine at my home sweet home. But since I came here, I wanted to be independent and wash it on my own. I don’t even want outside people to touch my dirty underwear to wash. I have mercy OK. (Don’t laugh! You think it will be nice if someone touch and see your dirty underwear?) [Eeeuuwww…YUX!]

Any superstition from you regarding that monument?
I don’t even want to see any “pair of mountains with strings” (BRA) and “flowery triangular flags OR triangular flags with laces” (LADIES UNDERWEAR). (Don’t laugh! Does your mum or your wife wear it?)
Mind you that this is a man’s room. STRICTLY A NO NO!


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