Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My LIFE in Kampar, Perak [my accommodation]

Previously before leaving for KL, I made a called to Danish House Sdn. Bhd. regarding any room vacancy for me to stay while pursuing my studies in UTAR Kampar, Perak. They put me into waiting list. All I need to do was to pray hoping that I got a place to stay.

Half an hour before I board AirAsia plane to KL, one of the staff called me. (They called me a lot of times and asked the same questions). I have no choice but to answer the call and listened to their BLOODY POOR ENGLISH. Most staff there seems to speak Cantonese and Mandarin. But I insist on speaking English because it’s a worldwide language.

Staff: Mr. Adrian Foo ah…

Me: Yes, speaking.

Staff: Did you receive any offer letter from our Danish house regarding your Westlake home or not?

Me: Till now I have not receive any single word of letter from you.

Staff: So now you really want to come here to stay or not?

Me: How many times I need to answer this question? You all keep calling me to ask me the same old question. I answered YES and I gave you my FULL NAME, IC No. and MOBILE No. all the time as requested by you.

Staff: Oh…ah….like that ah…

Me: In few minutes I’ll be boarding a plane to come over KL and on the 18 May, I’ll be coming to your office, KAMPAR to do registration for my accommodation at Westlake home. CONFIRMED! Do I make myself clear? Mark my words!

Staff: Oh OK OK. Please don’t come on 18 May to check in. Come on 19 May onwards.

Me: Alright. Thanks. Bye.

TUUUUUTTT……..I immediately abort the called. SICK of their questions and language.

So, I went to Danish House office to do my registration of accommodation. Made payment and Signed agreement. Later, I went to check my new “home”, my room.

My home:

My neighbourhood:

My room (before):

My room (cleaning and arranging progress):

My room (after):

Specification and Services of my accommodation:
- Ground floor
- Single occupancy
- Toilet with water heater
- Table, chair, cupboard and bed
- Fan and exhaust fan
- Broadband (Currently unavailable temporarily)
- RM 275 a month (RM250 a month since broadband service not available)
- Laundry service with maximum of 7kg a week
- Pantry (kitchen) area with refrigerator
- Dining table
- Housekeeping once a week
- New mattress

I think that’s all I can list out. I’m satisfied with my accommodation.


Miki said...

Adrian, your room looks really really really nice... it looks comfortable and 'close to home'... summore the price is really reasonable, and got LAUNDRY SERVICE!! >.< it's a good good deal... and i wish there were those kind of accommodations available here... yesh, i just WISH!! anyway, keep in touch and good luck in starting a new life... All the best.. ^^

Adrian Foo said...

But very hot lah...This few days no rain....sleep also not comfortable enough...

TzyyShan said...

i know i m very late to leave comment here. :P but my bro juz get there, he's having a 2nd floor (or 3rd? aiya the highest level la), SUPER HOT. but basic facilities sama as urs.

the staircase very creepy btw like can roll down n die instantly. haha! but i m soooo impressed by the management system (esp when they say each floor has their own electricity meter o.0)!

sums up, actually this price is consider expensive dy in the peninsular. but honestly, if can afford dont be so cheapskate and live in a dump lidat (i m saying usm old hostel LOL).

k im getting old n nagging a lot. see u in kk gathering time ^^ happy graduation!!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

the staircase is not a runway for you to have catwalk. Hahaha...

BTW, your brother staying where?