Thursday, August 28, 2008

BEST Snacks in Kampar.

Let me introduce you, one of the best snacks I ever had in Kampar, Perak. Chicken Biscuit or known as “Kai Chai Peng” in Cantonese.

History of it (extract from Wikipedia):

The Kampar Chicken Biscuit is so famous that it has spawned a whole series of 'chicken biscuit' producers. The Patriach of the family was Leong Kow, whose grandfather came from China. He has 7 sons, and 7 daughters.

The original recipe for the biscuit actually came from Leong Kow's family line, and that family line came from Nam Hoi, China. It is said that the recipe came from that little village in China, along with Leong Kow's grandfather. And that line of family comes as a baker's family line.

Not long after Leong Kow died, his eldest son, Leong Pak Lum, decided to return from KL (where he operated a coffeeshop called Oi Kuan in Cecil Street) to Kampar, and started to pick recipe from the family recipe book. While Pak Lum's family worked to produce the biscuits (among which was Chicken Biscuit), his 3rd brother, Leong Moon Lum, was the coffeeshop owner of 123, Jalan Idris - Wing Lok Yuen. (Which means "Forever Happy Restaurant"). It is through this restaurant front, that Leong Moon Lum helped to sell those biscuits for his brother, Leong Pak Lum.

For some reason, both brothers had a disagreement, and each went their own way. Leong Pak Lum had then established a line of Chicken Biscuit called CB chicken biscuit. And Leong Moon Lum, together with his wife, Ong Siew May, started a company called May Moon, and improvised on the family recipe, and started another line of Chicken Biscuit, called May Moon (the name means "Thoroughly complete/fulfilling").


I first bought chicken biscuits in Kampar Old Town. Went to a shop call CB Chicken Biscuit. CB to me sounds like short term of “chi bai” (Oops did you read what I typed?) which is slang from Hokkien language. But don’t play play, it’s very famous as mentioned in History of Chicken Biscuits.

RM 2.00 per pack. Buy 5 packs Free 1.

All I knew about chicken biscuits were “non-halal” food. Not for Muslims to consume because it contented “chu yew”. Meaning to say, porky oil – oil extracted from piggy to make the biscuits “sedap dimakan”. However, CB chicken biscuits so unique. I found this “halal” logo on its pack. CB chicken biscuits indeed made Muslims proud of eating their products.

Not only for Chinese to eat but to ALL MALAYSIANS and THE WORLD.

Nutrition Facts? Sorry I owned a lousy cam.

Nice to See, Nice to Touch, BEST to TASTE!

Light and Crispy that makes it a YUMMY


I can’t afford for penalty charges upon overload luggage and goodies as I’m taking AirAsia to return to my hometown, THE LAND BELOW THE WIND, SABAH.

Father bought another chicken biscuits brand from me when he was on the way to Penang for medic checkup and dropped-by my 2nd home (the place where I stayed in Kampar).

From PUN CHUN RESTAURANT (Not Made in Kampar) but I like the packing design

This one "tidak ditanggung HALAL". Sorry for Muslims

Nutrition facts. Again, "lou yah" cam.




Doesn’t taste as nice as CB. But it stated that “Famous in SEA”? I don’t think so. CB chicken biscuits is still the best.


Ken said...

which 1 is nicer?
CB o d penang one?
Mayb wan u 2 help me buy some.

Adrian Foo said...

I thought your neighbour is from Kampar? Impossible can't get CB for you? AirAsia only allow me to transport Checked Baggage up to a maximum weight of 15 kg. More than that RM 15 per kg = my tauke going to sound me.

Ken said...

My neighbour ngam2 graduated from UMS liao...
Nt staying here anymore. :(

Adrian Foo said...

I also not sure whether my clothes will make those CB into mash bicuits when I import back to KK.