Friday, August 22, 2008

“Photografie”, my next hobby?

My last favourite hobby was to collect apparels tags. As what I previously mentioned in my long last post.

I know my style was to collect “rubbish”. Anyway, I liked to do so. XD

But then, I intended for another hobby when residing in Kampar, Perak. Not because of the place with lots of sceneries but such place with no entertainment making me feel nothing to do. Here were some of my captions.

View of Student's Pavilion (canteen) and Block B as well as the landscape from UTAR Block E, 2nd Floor.

View of landscape and UTAR Block D from Block E, 2nd Floor.

2nd shot

A guy walks away to the gate of heaven?

Actually he, Kim Seong was just standing watching over TESCO building and I captured him silently. He was my course mate and housemate as well. Sorry for the "wobbling" effects around the window frames.

Looks natural with such gray-scale effect. Sorry to Soon Lai and Wann Yang for capturing both of you without seeking your permission.

View of UTAR Kampar from Westlake.

2nd shot.

Grand Kampar Hotel standing in front of "Banjaran Titiwangsa", which i was being told by one of my housemates. Sorry, it was blur.

Can you see the 3-D effects of the mountains?

Evening shot opposite Westlake, road leading to UTAR.

I wished I can captured an effect of a car speeding around that hour.

While waiting for food to be served, I captured Grand Kampar Hotel with some Shophouses at "Kampar Square", KING YUEN "restaurant" konon.
Bandar Baru Kampar, I invert to Kampar Old Town style?

I tried my mobile camera's SEPHIA effect. It turned out to be PINK.

All pictures were captured using my mobile phone camera. 1.3 MegaPixels camera indeed which I called it as 1.3 Mega “Pickles” cam.

I wished to have a better Digital Camera someday. When is that “someday” going to come?


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Crazy enough to be a hobby... I used to collect CDs of different designs lol....

Adrian Foo said...

You should try to frame them and hang them on the wall. "Agnes Record Studio". Lol..