Sunday, August 17, 2008


7th JULY 2008 (MONDAY) – The day after spent my whole weekends in KL. My father indeed came to KL and made his way to Penang for medic checkup with his friends. I try to further my KL weekend trip in next (few) post.

I felt sleepy and kept yawning all the time whenever I attended “not-so-boring but BORING” lecture class. I have enough sleep though. So, I suspected my eye sight having problem. During that whole lesson, my mind made me decide whether to wear or not to wear contact lens. I SMSed my mum in the middle of the lesson. “Can I wear contact lens?” I asked. She replied “Try to ask for trial pack first. Don’t buy everything at one go.”

After school, I cycled home to drop my school bag. And “korek” my PIGGY BANK (not piggy bank, I just placed my $s into my drawer and locked it). I wanted to use my Debit card but due to over-SWIPPING while I was having my weekends in KL, terpaksa use CA$H. Have to wait few days for my father to top-up my card.

Upon arrival, at CK OPTICAL GROUP (the only optical shop in Kampar New Township, most customers were students), conversation in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.


I want to ask regarding Contact Lens (in English) because I want to try to wear. (Overall in Mandarin)


Have u ever wear contact lens before? (in Mandarin)


Never. (In Mandirin)


Then it will be like this. If you don’t have “SUN KWANG” (ASTIGMATISM) we have so-called trial pack for contact lens. But if you have, it will be RM 230 for 6 pairs of contact lenses which last for 1 month for each pair. And free 1 pair of contact lenses also last for 1 month (In Cantonese – hello I speak to you in Mandarin and you reply me in Cantonese? Lucky I understand Cantonese but not fluent in speaking it)

Me: All in all RM 230 for 7 months? (In Mandirin)


Yes. But purchasing SOLUTION (in English) for contact lens is different case. I need to check your glasses to see got “SUN KWANG” or not. (In Cantonese)


OK. I would like purchase it. (I didn’t tell my mum that I bought everything at one go). Oh yah I do need to check my eyes because I feel sleepy these few days. (In Mandirin)

SalesLady: OK. Can I have your IC please? Your contact lenses will be ready in 5 days. We will contact you once your contacts lenses arrived or early than that. Make sure your fingernails are short and clean. (In Cantonese)

Oh my. I really don’t understand why such SalesLady, working in optical shop, don’t even want to speak ENGLISH?. Even the optometrist who did check up on my eyes also never wants to speak ENGLISH. Where on earth he graduated from?

3 days later, the SalesLady contacted me. So happy and can’t wait to try my contact lenses. SalesLady gave me a “LECTURING CLASS” on how to put on contact lenses. It was hard to put it onto my eyes especially for beginners like me.

I allocated myself 20 minutes just to put on my new pair of contact lenses before going to school. I know all of you may ask what took me so long to put it on. But weeks after weeks, I have improved myself by putting on my contact lenses in less than 10 minutes. However I still need a mirror in order to wear it. First few weeks wearing contact lens made me used up a lot of solution. My eyes even dried up easily in 30 minutes.

Lucky I was aware of contact lens solution prices. The optical shop selling me RM 16 that comes with 1 big bottle solution, starter kit bottle solution, a bottle of eye drop, and 1 contact lens case. Never heard of the brand before. After I finished using those solution, I cycled to GUARDIAN at Kampar Old Town to purchase my contact lens solution. RM 39.88 that comes with 3 big bottles solution (almost the same volume as the big bottle from optical shop), 1 small bottle (starter kit bottle), and 2 contact lens cases. Yet, it’s from Baush & Lomb. So worth it to buy from GUARDIAN.

LEE HOM even recommends it.

A week after tried to put on contact lens to school, I SMSed my mum. “I have been wearing Contact Lens for 1 week.” She replied, “Not troublesome?” Lucky she didn’t nag at all.

Before (Nerdy Look)


Now I feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. There was once, I forgotten to take off my contact lenses while I was taking my shower.

Somehow, I still need to put on my Spectacles because contact lens only last me for 8 hours a day. I even exceed it sometimes. Haizz…

One of my Contact Lenses which i forgotten which side of to put it on my eye. Anyway I put it on almost one month

What the F*ck (U)? I need to dispose it after one month....


Ken said...

a new make over of tummy boy!!!

Adrian Foo said...

Gee..,. Thanks. So long time no one call me tummy boy. Anyway, father that day came to visit me before going to penang for medic checkup, said my tummy getting small. But my arms pula dark.

Ken said...

getting slimmer and tanner...
i oso got tanner liao!
cz of dat damn family by d beach.

Adrian Foo said...

The bad thing about being tanner is that someone will start to ngi ngi ngo ngo, ah chi ah cho, pili pala there....momma's son...