Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Old Town, Kampar

Though Ipoh does have Old Town, Kampar itself also have Old Town. “Tanggal tiga puluh satu, Bulan lapan,” evening, while on the way cycling out from Westlake Housing area, Chee Siong asked me, “ Adrian, where you want to have dinner?”.

It seemed I was totally fedup with the food in New Township. So I replied him, “Shall we go Old Town?”

Hong Leong then suggested, “Nga Pou Kai Fan!”

“Nga Pou Kai Fan” means Claypot Chicken Rice in Cantonese. One of the famous foods in Kampar besides Chicken in Bread, “Mim Pau Kai”.

So four of us housemates agreed since we wanted to relax ourselves before study week and examination week. Whole Westlake neighbourhood so peaceful that most student intended to return to their respective hometown during study week (1 week study leave).

Arrived Old Town, we went to eat at a shop next to WATSONS. And how stupid I was that I forgotten to snap pictures of that shop and the Claypot Chicken Rice. What I captured was these:

Anyway, that was my “proper way” to avoid readers drooling and stomach rumbling. LOL!

It was cloudy that time, other customers even moved their tables under the roof except the four of us. I told my housemates, don’t worry, it wouldn’t rain. Indeed no rain though its cloudy. Just a bit only. This proved that we are not “KIASU”.

Claypots and charcoals were seen. We waited for more than half an hour for our food to arrive on our table. Some customers in one “big family” came once the heard the “tauke niau” said have to wait for 1 hour. They have no choice but to eat at another place.

CUSTOMER: Yew tang gei loi ah?

TAUKE NIAU: Yat gor jung tao.


RM 26.00 for two claypots of chicken rice serving 4 person, 3 “leong cha” and a plate of “choi sum”.

Jhun Haw, I know I made people jealous of what I enjoyed eating every single meals in Kampar. My apologies.

After having a satisfying meal, we moved on to Restaurant Kam Ling. That was not our second round dinner. Mazda RX-8 parked outside the restaurant. It was a wedding car, symbolizing a wedding banquet held inside.

But I was not there no interrupt them. I just wanted to buy few local (Kampar not KOTA KINABALU) snacks and tidbits.

Yee Hup “Heong Peng” from Gunung Rapat, Ipoh. NOT FROM KAM LING. RM 7.90 for 10 individual packs inside.

Yee Hup “Heong Peng” from Gunung Rapat, Ipoh. NOT FROM KAM LING. RM 7.90 for 10 individual packs inside.

Ken Hong, I feel so guilty right? Because I can get to eat local delicacies.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy mooncake. Not can’t afford, HALF-HEARTED. So, I only managed to buy myself, “FISH FISH”.

A kind of food served during mooncake festival. RM 5.80 made from KAM LING.

But still I can enjoy watching “mooncake drama”, Heart of Greed II: Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓.

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