Saturday, August 23, 2008

UTAR stands for?

U.T.A.R. actually stands for UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN. The place where I gained knowledge in tertiary level. Whether I’m proud or not so proud of studying here is up to those “F*CKERS” to determine themselves. I didn’t even say that I feel very lucky to study in UTAR. I’m just an average person in UTAR.

1 month ago, one of my old LaSallian classmates, Jhun How currently studying in UTAR Setapak branch, post a personal message in his Windows Live Messenger:

U.T.A.R. – Universiti Tak Akan Rugi.

I laughed and replied him. He was being told by his friends that U.T.A.R. doesn’t even known as UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN only.

Lately, whenever I entered tutorial or lecturing class, I discovered that most chairs printed with UTAR initials was being “altered” by some culprits.

Instead of UTAR initials printed behind the chair,

it turned to be a sticker stating, UNI TAK AKAN RUGI.

If I applied for advertising course, and I was given a project on promoting UTAR, definitely I’m going to put UNI TAK AKAN RUGI as a slogan.

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