Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here was my conversation between me and my brother,

Brother: *NUDGE!*

Me: Yes?

Brother: Dad told me just now, “I asked Koko to bring back the Nokia 6020”.

Me: What he said?

Brother: I asked him why..

Me: Then?

Brother: He said in Pitas camp, only Nokia phone can use. Others cannot.

Me: =.=”. Then what phone is he going to replace for me?

Brother: The Nokia communicator phone.

Me: What???!!! That 9300i digital pencil case phone? Haizz..

Brother: Yalah. Got wifi tu.

Me: I thought the wifi rosak that’s why he switched to W880i?

Brother: Nolah. Still working ah.

Me: Then last time what he repaired to that phone?

Brother: Display maybe.

Me: Haizz at least better lah that phone.

It’s OK for me to have that Coffin Phone lorr. Just a spare phone only mah. Even my father mentioned it that phone was like a COFFIN PHONE! So better don’t expect so much from my father. At least I’m better than those without mobile phones. But the problem is that will my friends or other people laugh when I use such phone?

Whoever insults me using such phone, blast them back by saying “You think your father got use such phone before ah?” “Does your father as updated as my father as well?”. You shoot me once, I blast you twice!

Maybe father wants me to be a successful person by using such phone. That phone was kinda like businessman phone. Uiseh, did I just mention businessman? Just appreciate what my father give lorr. People work so hard, earn so “much” for you to live happily without troubles mah.

Besides, here were some of my photo-editing skills (due to my lousy mobile camera),

Original photo:

Editted (Image was darken):

Original photo:

Editted (Magenta colour is applied through colour balance feature):

Original photo:

Editted (Magenta colour is applied through colour balance feature):

Editted for 2nd time (Sephia effect is used for the lower part of the picture and noise reduction also applied to reduce noise effect):


Ken said...

trim d noisy grainy part. The sky is fine, jz d object in dark colour nt so nice.
Increase the ISO level considerately.
Hahaha... sounds like 'loyar buruk'

Adrian Foo said...

Sabar kau. I just learnt how to edit photos. You think my mobile cam macam DSLR cam kah? ISO function...sorrylah..hahaha