Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Boring Day

Another boring day indeed. Yesterday afternoon, I planned to go Ipoh for 1 day trip. Shopping trip to Ipoh Parade. I missed shopping so much. I called for a taxi so that it can take me from Westlake to Kampar Old Town. Unfortunately, no one answer my call. WHAT DA?


I ended up myself at my second home surfing the net, downloading movies and watched dramas. Besides, I would like to share display my photo editing skill.

I captured this view near Westlake. Such picture really made me fell in love with it. Every time I cycled to UTAR, a never-miss scenery for me.

Let’s get our vision a bit narrow. So, I blackened the part of the picture and what were left were the hills, mountains and some part of UTAR buildings. I even used it as my blog header image.

Apart from blackening it, I tried to make the upper and the lower part of the picture turned into sepia feature.

I even edited a picture of my father’s car. It was taken during Borneo Safari Event last year.

Again, I tried to edit the picture by emphasizing my father’s car compare to the spectators. I maintained the colour of the car and the rest of the picture was sepia mode. How I wish those spectators were “African” tribe.

Another edited picture where I tried to change the headlamps into HID lights plus “blinks”.

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