Saturday, September 20, 2008

Claypot Chicken Rice in Kampar

Claypot Chicken Rice or much commonly known as “Nga Pou Kai Fan” in Cantonese. I cycled myself to Kampar Old Town as early as 5.00 p.m. after finished watching Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓 episode 29. As usual, I used the “kampong” road to get myself there. It was much nearer and much safer compare than using the highway.

Upon arrival, I parked and locked my bicycle few shops next to Watsons. One of the best place to have Claypot Chicken Rice was just next to Watsons, Fook Kee Restaurant. It was 5.15 p.m. that time and the reason why I reached there early is because to avoid the crowd in that restaurant. Only started to light up fire from charcoal.

I asked the boss what time they will serve “Nga Pou Kai Fan”. He replied around 5.40 p.m. I told him I wil be right back for dinner.

So in the meantime, I have a walked around Kampar Old Town. The place where most old folks belong I supposed. Here were few pictures taken with my mobile phone:-

I was being told that this furniture shop used to be a “zhau bar” (Pub or Bra, I mean Bar or Night Club). This reminded me a building in my hometown, Pertama Furniture near Karamunsing. It used to be a cinema and turned out to be a furniture shop.

Old buildings can be found everywhere in Kampar Old Town.

Wow! People came as far as from Bangkok to Kampar? Can you see the Honda Jazz plate number?

The best place to try Kampar Famous Food, Chicken Bread or “Mim Pau Kai” in Cantonese was at Yau Kee Restaurant. Please don’t expect me to try that on my next trip to Old Town. It was so huge that I can’t even finish. I suggest you share them with either your family or friends.

Restaurant Kam Ling, the place where most wedding banquets were held.

Kedai Biskut Kampar where I used to buy Kampar or even Ipoh’s biscuits or confectionary especially “Heong Piang”.

Pizza Hut available here too. What more can you say about KFC? (Too bad no picture of KFC building, Sorry).

After all the walking around Old Town, I went back to Fook Kee Restaurant.

I ordered myself, 1 claypot chicken rice serving only 1 person, 1 dish of “Choi Sum” and 2 cups of “leong cha” (Lo Han Ko).

While waiting for my food to come, I snap: -

Can you see the claypot is heated using charcoal?

Actually the cook was wearing those “klik klok” ladies shoes. A wooden woman’s heels. . I don’t dare to snap him. I was wondering why he was wearing that. I was wondering whether that “klik klok” made of wood or clay? Is it to match the colour of the claypots he was dealing with everyday?

Here came my food and drinks:-

Claypot Chicken Rice a.k.a Nga Pou Kai Fan

Got rice, got chicken, got salted fish and got Chinese sausage.

A dish of “choi sum”. You can either order for “tauge” or cabbage.

Such dinner cost me RM 10 only (Actually RM 10.60 but this round-up system got problem). To me, it was quite worth to eat. I merely unable to finish my rice. My suggestion were, bring another person to eat with you, come as early as you can and order “leong cha” to avoid yourself getting HAWT!.

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