Sunday, September 7, 2008

Image Editing

I knew that my exams are drawing near. But I was not spending most of my concentration on my studies nor revisions. Instead, I indulged myself in image editing.

I got myself image editing software and installed it into my computer. I don’t even want to tell what the name of the software is (Can’t you find out yourself since I’m so EVIL). Genuine or Piracy software is up to you all out there to speak up yourself. I found myself no guilty while I was installing that program.

I spent most of my time editing one of my photo shoots. I captured this photo shown below while I was making my way returning to my home from UTAR. I love the scenery of Westlake as well as the mountains.



Oh God, please make me indulge myself on revisions. NOT image editing. AMEN!

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