Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missing 2Gb SD card

Damn! I lost my 2Gb SD memory card. I bought it in Pantip IT Mall (known as LOW YAT PLAZA in Bangkok), Thailand during my Chinese New Year 2007 travel to Bangkok. At first I was being “cheated” because I purchased it for 800 Bath (RM 80) and now, bad luck strikes me again as I lost it. This time, it was not lost in Bangkok, but Kampar, Perak itself.

Once I bought it, I was very happy though being cheated as I transformed my phone in to an “i-Phone”. Exams are around the corner. And I have to promise myself to search for it after the exams are over.

I was not sure whether to spend RM 27 for another Kingston 2Gb SD card or not if I fail to search my old one. To me, that 2Gb SD card was my best “souvenir” from Thailand.


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