Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Gawd.

Father came to KL with one of his friends on the 8 September 2008. Both made their way up to Penang for medical checkup on 9 September 2008 by using Uncle Thomas’ Mitsubishi Lancer. The one I drove before around the North-South Highway to Kampar. So rare to have Sabah registered car over Peninsular Malaysia. People kept looking on such car.

Yesterday (10 September 2008) morning, father sent SMS to me.

Father: Hi! U r having ur exam? Anyting u nid fr ipoh? I m on d way there. Thi evening wat time u free? Dinner with me?

Me: Today no exam. No need to buy things from Ipoh. Tomorrow (11 September 2008) got exam. Don’t think can have dinner with you. I just need you to bring back a pair of my shoes.

Previously before he come over to KL, I told him I want a ordinary umbrella. The one that I’m using was easily damaged when not-so-strong but strong wind. I went to Tesco Kampar, such a big hypermarket yet no even a single umbrella sold there.

Around lunch hour, father called me.

Father: Eh, you want golfer’s umbrella or wat?

Me: I just want those ordinary one.

Father: You mean you want those can fold and put inside your bag?

Me: No. Not that type. Ordinary one will do.

Father: The one with “tongkat” is it?

Me: Yes.

Father: Ok then.

Around noon, again father called me.

Father: Eh, I’ll be reaching your place around 6.30 p.m.

Me: Ok.

Father: I bought salted chicken from Ipoh for you to share with your housemates

Me: Haizz…I told you not to buy anything in Ipoh but still you want to do so. Everyone doesn’t seem to spend most time eating at this moment of examination.

I aborted the call immediately. After medical checkup, did he eat the wrong medicine prescribed by the doctor? If next time he asked me what do I want from Ipoh or KL. Better try to answer him, “I want new mobile phone and digital camera”. See whether he shout at me or not. ^_^

I was a bit happy when father came to visit me. Luckily he didn’t complain anything about my complexion which was very “dark”. Chat with him awhile. He handed me the umbrella and that SALTED CHICKEN. Later, he went down to KL together with his friend. He got a flight to catch today (11 September 2008)

Again, how stupid am I that I forgot to snap photos of the Salted Chicken bought by my father. Sorry guys. Perhaps that’s the way to avoid making you all drooling. I was shocked. Shocked of the umbrella that my father bought for me. It was so black from head to toe. So much more like a FUNERAL UMBRELLA. Shit. I don’t dare to use it.

Haiyoh, I can’t believe why my father simply bought this kind of umbrella style.

Programming exam today was OK-but-not-so-OK. I didn’t study well and do revisions much as I kept myself facing my computer all the time. I felt cold during exam hour. Air-con causing my contact lens dry and made my eyes partially red. Everything was find as soon I returned home.

Somehow, today’s lunch, I walked few metres to a house around the neighbourhood. That house was selling vegetarian food outside the car porch. So many people queuing up. Fortunate enough that the weather was not that hot. RM 3.50 per pack. Contents of it illustrated below.


lojhunhaw said...

wa~ jealous o!! ur dad so sayang u!!! owez go visit u!! owez reload ur $$$ and buy u food!! if i'm ur hsemate meh good lo!! owez got ppl's parents spend makan!! haha~ heard tat i no move to kampar liao o.. sad~ if not can be ur hsemate~ haha!!!

Adrian Foo said...

He bukan sengaja wanna come over to Kampar to visit me. He just drop by from Penang and visit me. If he sayang me, he would have buy me a car to drive. Reload $$$ no use. Here not like KL got lots of shopping centres.

Even by the time you move to Kampar campus, I already graduate. Mine is 3 years course.


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

haha I was laughing how you describe the umbrella.... Anyway it reminds me of Beijing Olympics CLosing Ceremony - itu British Perfomance lolx....

Adrian Foo said...

Hahaha, really like funeral umbrella mah.