Friday, September 19, 2008

Sigh Sigh Sigh....2

Last night, I was watching the movie, Meet Dave. I felt quite boring watching it though it was not as funny as the previous movie I watched, You Don’t Mess The Zohan. All of a sudden, my old tuition mate, Agnes Y. “MSN” me.


Perhaps I rather chat with her than carry on watching the movie. Have a great chat with her after so long we seldom contact each other except dropping comments on our respective blogs. Our chatting sessions ended around 12.30 a.m. Around 1.00 a.m, I jumped off to bed. Since I can’t get a good sleep the night before, I have a great sleeping session that night.

Second mobile phone alarm rang at 6.35 a.m. Time to wake up and I turned on my computer just to download movies. I was thinking whether I can be certified as “internet freak”.


Another boring day for me indeed. I watched drama, Moonlight Resonance - 溏心風暴之家好月圓, episode 23. Four out of 10 housemates returned to their respective hometown. Then, Hong Leong knocked my room door.

Me: Yes?

Hong Leong: Want to come with me to Kedah?

Me: Huh? No need lah. I feel not nice eh disturb your family.

Hong Leong: Then better than you staying alone in Kampar.

Me: Haiz its OK lah. I can tahan my loneliness. Moreover I felt very tired after return from Kedah. Yet I need to pack my stuff to return back to Sabah.

That was part of our conversation before his parents came to fetch him home. Even one of my housemates invited me have fun in Terengganu. My course mate father also welcomes those who were not from Ipoh to have a visit in Ipoh. Somehow I have the feeling “not-nice-to-trouble-people”. So, I chose to stay in Kampar in the meantime waiting for my day to go home.

Tomorrow, neither one of my housemates will be staying the same roof as me. It was the day that they have completed their exams and rushed back home immediately. How I wish there was a East-West Highway, connecting Sabah/ Sarawak to Kuala Lumpur.


Movie download of the day:

For my dinner, I walked over to House No. 1736. Vegetarian again for my dinner. This time, I didn’t order rice. Instead I asked for MeeHoon. All in all RM 3.00. Contents of it:-

I mentioned that my father banked in $$$ into my account. I was not wishing for $$$ from him. All I wanted from him were at least a new mobile phone and a digital camera as well. I was not sure which mobile phone I was aiming for because day after day, new mobile phone with new features always released. But as for digital camera, I trying to wish I can have Casio Exilim EX-S10. I checked out the price. It will cost me RM 999 for such camera.

If I simply spend for such thing, extremely loud words for sure expressed by my father. So, should I buy it? Or wait for the days to come?

Sigh.. all day and all night.

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