Monday, September 22, 2008


Situation 1

I was having Wan Tan Mee for lunch. Once my food landed on the table,

Lady: Leng Chai, you’re not going back to your home this weekend? (She expected that my hometown in Peninsular Malaysia)

Me: How to go back? SABAH so far away from here.

Lady: Oh, from SABAH ah? Very far eh.

Me: Yaloh what to do…

Lady: Then are you the only one from Sabah? No friends from Sabah? Anyone else?

Me: The most is from Sarawak. Sabah I’m not so sure.

Lady: Wah you are able to live here alone though you came so far.

Me: Ok lah. Sometimes my father came here to visit me.

Lady: Oh that’s good. So you stay in KK?

Me: Yes. (Wow she knows the short form KK instead of saying Kota Kinabalu)

Situation 2

During UTAR’s study week, few housemates of mine returned to their respective hometown. Monday as usual, I brought my dirty clothes to laundry service.

Lady: Leng Chai, why today not many people bring clothes to wash?

Me: Maybe most of them return home town gua..

Lady: Then why don’t you return home? (Another lady expect I come from Peninsular Malaysia)

Me: How to return oh..So far eh AUNTY!

Lady: Where are you from?

Me: You guess lah. If I tell you u may shock.

Lady: Penang? KL?

Me: No. I’m from SABAH.

Lady: SABAH? So far? (SHOCKED!)

Me: Yalor.

Situation 3

I cycled and made myself to Kampar Old Town one day. The reason I went there was to get a taxi to transport me from my Westlake Home to Ipoh. I came across a bunch of old folks man sitting beside their taxis.

Me: Hi boss, is this the place to get taxi from Kampar to Ipoh?

Boss: Yes. What can I help you “leng chai”?

Me: I just want to get your phone number so that I can call you for taxi next time to Ipoh, Bercham.

Boss: You want to take bus to KLIA or LCCT right?

Me: Yes.

Boss: Where are you from?

Me: SABAH hehe..

Boss: Wah Sabah sure must be a very RICH person worr. (SIAL if I’m RICH why on earth I need to study in UTAR? I would have study in UK or foreign countries)

Me: Hehehe..

Situation 4

This conversation really made me wanted to express !@#$%^&*()_+

Student X: So you’re from SABAH, do where those traditional costumes like..

Me: Excuse me, my race is CHINESE!

Student X: Does most people staying on top of the canopies and wearing leaves and tree barks?

Me: Excuse me, Kota Kinabalu is well developed now.

Situation 5

Student Y: Adrian! You got a neighbour. From Sarawak!

Me: Eh hello, it will take me 3 days to reach Kuching Sarawak from Kota Kinabalu. You think very near ah. You think like from KL to Ipoh? Sabah & Sarawak no proper highway ok.

Situation 6

I was typing SMS with my mobile phone. Then,

Student Z: Wah Sabahan also knows how to use PDA phone ah?

To me, I was just using a phone to communicate with people. Anyone expect me to use WALKIE-TALKIE or CUPS & STRINGS to communicate?


I felt like once I stepped a foot on the land called Kampar, I was being under-estimated. As if I have done something wrong outside my hometown and betrayed my own hometown. I didn’t say I’m so rich nor even poor. I’m just an ordinary person with a satisfying profile and enjoy my life in Kampar.

Questions to ponder:

Is it strange to have a Sabahan residing in Kampar?

If I’m a wealthy guy,

- Why study in UTAR when I can afford to study in foreign countries?

- Why do I need to cycle to school though I can afford to buy a car?

- Why I still need to rent a room since I can buy myself a house in Kampar or stay in Hotel?

Anyway, I’m proud to be a MALAYSIAN! What more can you say that I’m also proud to be a SABAHAN!


Ken said...

at there, every1 like to use the phrase 'leng chai' and 'leng lui'.
And they r so sakai dat sabahan rili stay on top of canopies and wear tree barks.

REAL SAKAI!KK got burger king. HAHAHA...penang dun hv!!!
Perlis no cinema!!
Malacca got no airport (as i heard frm my fren)!!

Laugh lar, orang semenanjung!

Adrian Foo said...

Whether I'm leng chai or not I terpaksa have to admit when they greet me.

Yeah KK almost setanding dengan KL..what more can you say about Taiping. LOL!

Long YC said...

Hi hi.

I'm from semenanjung, from Malacca to be precise.

I don't have any prejudice on people from Sabah, Sarawak or anywhere else, heck I don't judge a person by his hometown!

So, to Ken, please don't be overreacted, if u tend to defame other states, what makes u differ from those people who underestimate Sabahans?

(And, hey Malacca got airport, but it's for pilot training though.)

Adrian Foo said...

0.o" Hahaha...