Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweating Day on a Rainy Day

Last Sunday, 26 October 2008, I don’t understand why the weather was so sad enough that it kept raining all day long till night. I felt so boring as my notebook was brought to service. Now, I have to use my father’s desktop temporarily.

Mr. W: Adrian, how did you manage to capture the picture displayed on your computer screen?

Me: Oh, you mean screen shot is it?

Mr. W: Ya

Me: Simple. Just press the button, Prt Scr or Print Screen on your keyboard. Then go to Paint,
and paste it.

Mr. W: I don’t have Paint oh?

Me: What???!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Are you using Windows XP or Vista?

Mr. W: Vista

Me: Impossible lah Vista no Paint?

Mr. W: Yawoh.

Me: In that case, I can’t help you. Sorry.

That time, I was using Windows XP. So I have no idea indeed how to search Paint for Mr. W in his Windows Vista. I was shocked and what more can you say, SURPRISED. I thought Windows Vista suppose to be a bit better than Windows XP?

Then horr, last Sunday, the rainy day oh, came another person, Mr. K who was also the same person as Mr. W He left a message (MSN) while I was watching Ho-Chak on 8TV. After the show ended, I faced the PC and saw his message.

Mr. K: Eh, you got any Video Editing software?

Me: No oh.

Mr. K: Haizz…nevermind..

Me: You give me money then I search one for you. Original one.

Mr. K: No need lah.

Me: Eh I got oh. No need to buy or even download trial.

Mr. K: Where and what?

Me: Windows Movie Maker. I’m sure you have it.

Mr. K: Oh wait I go look for it.

Mr. K: Don’t have lah..

Me: Windows XP worr? I thought you’re switching to XP now? Impossible ah. Mine got oh here…My mum’s notebook using XP got movie maker ah..Look carefully…

Mr. K: That’s why don’t have until I’m downloading one for myself now.

Mr. K: Eh got oh. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

You know it was raining that time and I could feel that invincible sweats poured all over my head. I really need MULTIPLES-OF-MULTIPLIES-OF-2-PLY-OF PREMIER FACIAL TISSUES MULTIPLES-OF-MULTIPLIES-OF-3-PLY-OF-ROYAL GOLD-FACIAL-TISSUES!

I thought he was the same species as me. You know I got a pair of human eyes and a normal human brain. But I don’t know what was wrong with him. I kept thinking whether he got a chicken eye (POT KAI MANG) [chicken can’t see at night] and a monkey brain (pea-sized coconut banana brain). In the end, I replied him,

Me: No need to thank me but I’m really sadly enough to say SORRY for you.

Mr. K: SHOOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To me, don’t try to quarrel with this Mr. K. What I did after that was to ignore him. Not to say this guy is not WORTH to quarrel. His final exams coming soon and I don’t want to spoil his mood.

But then horr..after few hours oh, I got nothing to do lorr. So, I decided to visit my friends’ blog. One of my friends’ blog that I visited was Mr. H. He was none other than the same person as Mr. W and Mr. K. He just updated a new post. I took a poop peak. Very bunga bunga-an melody-full with pictures of musical instruments.

Oh, got Karnival Raya Kokum in his University. Then kan, I read and scrolled till it came to his last word in r. H’s post. Not word. But a video clip he uploaded. A stage performance video. He mentioned: U can’t see me in the video.

Rupa-rupanya, Mr. H was performing on the stage in the video. I can’t see him indeed. No wonder Mr. H Mr. K asked me whether I got video editing software. Walao I think he wants to be the “shiong geng” (photogenic) “outstanding” ones among others on that stage performance. That’s why he needs software from me.

Then horr…I commented on his post.

“Yaloh can't see you in video. Giraffe also can't see. No point havng long need movie maker to zoom your face izzit?”

Well, let me introduce you, Mr. W, Mr. K and Mr. H. They are of the same person which you can find out his initials,

Mr. W + Mr. K + Mr. H = Mr. (W + K + H)…

He shoot me once, I blasted him twice through this post.

Friday, October 24, 2008

“System Maintenance”

Dear readers,

I MAY not be able to update my blog. This was due to my notebook which has been handed over to someone who was in charge of FORMATTING.

During this period, I have no idea when I can claim my notebook back. Hopefully upon receiving my notebook, I try my best to give you a much “better” post in my blog. By doing so, you can have the best viewing pleasure while reading my blog.

Your patience and support are much appreciated. Sekian harap maklum.

Post-Mortem of my Old Notebook [part 2]

Somehow this pathetic old notebook of mine doesn’t seems to work anymore. I have been experiencing the “lagging-ness” of this notebook. I even came across this blue screen or commonly known as “Blue Screen of Death”.

From that problem occurred, I was required to restart my computer and some files were not save properly. After coming across such thing, one morning, I can’t even turn on the notebook anymore. It doesn’t display anything except few “beeping” sound and that’s it. That was the last breathe released by my pathetic old notebook.

Therefore, once I got nothing to do upon returning Sabah during my “summer” holidays, I decided to have a post-mortem on it. So one day, before I start the operation, first and foremost, I need tools like,

But I only need this few screwdrivers like,

I unscrewed all the screws at the bottom of the notebook, one-by-one. As a result, this was what can be seen.

I suspected the processor was placed somewhere in this area. Check it out after these few pictures.

From this picture, you can see the RAM. Also, check it out what is the RAM value after few pictures.

Can you see how big the fan was? The moment it started to move, it produced a “Kancil’s air-con compressor” sound. Imagine yourself how noisy it was when I used such notebook last time.

This was the compartment where the battery was placed in the notebook. After few years, the battery “kong” off. So, it has to depend on DC-in jack for power supply.

An odd looking battery actually causing the notebook to be much heavy. To be honest, this whole pathetic notebook weighed approximately 3.5 Kg.

This was the hard disk bay. This notebook came with 30 GB storage capacity. Unfortunately when this notebook was dead, I taken out the hard disk and bought a notebook-size hard disk casing in order to make it as external hard disk. The hard disk was still reusable though the notebook was dead.

The picture above says it all. The value of the RAM was only 256 MB. I was told it was SD RAM not DDR 2 RAM. So ancient?

As mentioned, this was the part where I suspected the processor was stored in this notebook. I unscrewed all the screws. And I didn’t expect the screw was like

The two pictures below were how the heat produced by the processor and transferred through the metal.

From the metal, the big fan inside the notebook was used to blow the heat out from the notebook.

There you are, the Intel Pentium 4 processor,

I can’t operate the notebook further. If I was to open up all, I may break the whole notebook body and the frame as well. Sorry for unable to display the motherboard of this notebook.

That’s all from my post-mortem and analysis. Actually this notebook can be dumped into the rubbish bin. But I kept it for future reference.