Monday, October 20, 2008

The 100th Post

After all those busy days, finally I get myself back to blogging. In short,

Wednesday night:

- Been to Servay Hypermarket Putatan Branch

Thursday morning:

- Went to Tamu (Market / Fair) in Donggongon, Penampang and had breakfast as well.

Friday night:

- Drove myself all the way up to 1-Borneo, The Largest Lifestyle Mall in East Malaysia for "yum cha" (drinking session) with Sophia, Kah Yee and my long lost buddy, Yit Chean.

- Have the hard time looking for parking so as Sophia because there was a function held.

- Only manage to hop in Toys 'R' Us & Guardian.

- Received a call from Yit Chean to switch "yum cha" venue from 1-Borneo to Halo Cafe, CityMall.

- Whole Jalan Sulaman was jammed as people because of the forthcoming fireworks display.

Saturday afternoon:

- Drove Mini Austin home from workshop

- Washed it.

Automatic transmission? Jealous?

Don’t understand why it was so different (N-1-2-3-D instead of N-D-3-2-1)

- Test drive it

Sunday afternoon:

- Drove myself to Lintas to get myself a haircut

- I felt so hot and sweating as the Mini aircon was not functioning well.

Today (Monday):

- Rottening myself up at home.

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