Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aidilfitri burnt my WALLET!

1 October 2008

The night before, my mum planned to go 1-Borneo bringing my brother as well as me. In the end, it turned out be an airplane proudly launched and released by her. I was very regret that I waited at home for the whole day waiting for her to bring me to 1-Borneo. My whole day wasted like that staying at home.

Brother asked me whether the two of us should go to Karamunsing (Kota Kinabalu’s IT mall). He was willing to let me drive that car but “dengan syaratnya”, I need to bring him to Karamunsing as well.

I really need to look for 3.5” hard disk casing desperately. I need to backup all my movies and dramas into my extra 160 Gb hard disk which required a casing. First shop, I went to MicronTm. But not much choice there. Next shop, Boulevard IT Superstore. Also not much choice.

It was not that “no choice” factor. Just that I was not willing to spend so much for BRANDED casing like Cooler Master. All I need was those like can work “secara serba boleh”.

So, the last place and I manage to get that casing was in ACI Technology. Due to my hard disk only able to “cucuk” into IDE port type, again I have no choice but to get myself this casing.

The most stupid thing about such casing was the plug. I don’t understand why this casing uses such kind of plug.

What to do? I need to spend another RM 3.00 to buy another ordinary plug that can be used in most Malaysian electrical household.

The good thing about this casing, it has a firewire port that enables transfer to be much faster than USB. Too bad the firewire port was not compatible with the firewire given inside the box.

I spent RM 79.00 for that 3.5” IDE hard disk casing. Moreover, another RM 3.00 spent to buy an ordinary cable and plug. My wallet was left RM 150.00++. I intended to use my Visa as an alternative method to pay that total RM 83 gadget because I lacked of cash. Somehow, that bloody shop charges another extra 2% if you’re using card to purchase goods from there. Therefore, I rather used my cash and saved approximately RM 1.50 to buy drinks.

I felt guilty as I burnt a hole in my wallet. Hope this casing last me for many years to come.

2 October 2008

I went to 1-Borneo together with my family except sister. This time, I manage to explore almost each shop. Some branded shop to me I can afford but most of the shops I have to say “sorry lah”. Though I can buy affordable branded clothes, I rather save some money for Christmas clothes.

But my damn mind couldn’t stop me from saving money. Instead I went to Daiso to buy a small mirror (RM 5.00). I need a small mirror so that I can easily put on my contact lenses.

I know I’m not as pro as those who don’t even need mirrors to put on contact lenses. I’m still a beginner. My old small mirror stand almost broken. So better buy a new one just in case.

Another items I bought were so called “Jibbitz” for my Crocs Sandals. I went to Mini Toons store and found them.

RM 5.95 for one pair but RM 12 for 3 pairs. I was not “tai lin ngong” to buy 1 pair because not worth it. Since my brother also owned a Crocs Sandal, he was willing to share to buy 3 pairs with me. I took more than 10 minutes to choose them. Brother also started to !@#$%^. A lot of cute items can be seen inside that shop.

I saw Crocs shop sold such accessories for my sandals but $ matters. A lot of nice Jibbitz sold there and you know those “rich” kids blocking an UNCLE (Me) from viewing those Jibbitz. Few different designs of Crocs product made me felt of having them. How I wish I’m so rich like those “rich” children.

Am I too kiddie for buying such thing?

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