Monday, October 13, 2008

Boring and Random Day

Just another random and boring day. These few days I was thinking whether I should go for a haircut. My hair was quite long to me. And I don’t even know what kind of hairstyle to go for.

Ever since having a “nightmare” haircut in Kampar, now it’s my best opportunity to have a good-looking haircut in Kota Kinabalu. Punk? Smart-Look? Or the Avalon style (Only those who ever watch Zohan movie may be able to know what hairstyle was that)? I totally ran out of idea. Just that I want the back and the side of my hair to be SHORT.

Today, I have downloaded two Chinese albums. One of it was Mandarins songs and the other one was Cantonese. I just downloaded it for FUN since I got nothing to do besides rotten up myself at home.

Jay Chou

1. 稻香

2. 魔傑座

3. 女兒紅

4. 東方之殿

5. 紅樓夢中

6. 失戀的青蛙

7. 失落非主流

8. 從新愛

9. 大灌藍

10. 達芬奇的畫布

11. 秘密花園

Justin Lo

1. 三十日

2. 世界小姐

3. 信我

4. 未輸

5. 闊太

6. 側太


8. Intoxication

9. 中環

10. 自身

Apart from that, Astro On Demand (Astro Channel 302) kept previewing an 80-episode drama. Can you imagine how many months it takes to completely watch those episodes of “Gem of Life” or in Chinese, “”? Well, not sure whether my mother going to subscribe such drama through Astro On Demand. Very long story, starting 20 October 2008 until early February 2009.

I most probably need to seek for my “Good Samaritan” friend to download all 80 episodes of that drama for me to watch. And all I could say is the two words, “Thank You” to him. Bare in mine that I am going to be as Evil or as Black-Hearted person for not sharing those dramas to anyone once I obtained it. Love me or Hate me is up to you all to decide.



Ken said...

Hao hao ting!!!
but u dl d pirated pre-release album.
Hahaha...some title of d songs are not accurate. Hehehe...

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Oh yakah? Because I found out that some songs a bit CACAT. What can I do since its pirated pre-release album. Hahaha...Thanks anyway..