Saturday, October 4, 2008

Returning Sabah [part 2]

9.00 p.m. – Arrived Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Handed over Zeuxiant’s birthday present and Ken Hong’s chicken biscuit. Have the hard time to claim my luggage because so many people can’t wait and eagerly wanted to be back home fast. Brother waited me outside the drop-off passenger area. Got up the car and made our way back. Kota Kinabalu indeed developed a lot. It was like totally what Peninsular thought bad about Sabah. Roads, Flyover, Street lights made me felt happy and satisfied a lot.

9.15 p.m. – Home Sweet Home.

My mum smiled at me. A sign of happy and glad that I was finally back home after four months residing in Kampar, Perak. We talked, laughed, complained, about my life in Kampar, Perak. Then I found out myself:

Before I left Kota Kinabalu, my weight was like around 67 kg to 69 kg. As soon I returned home, I weighed myself and as a result, my current weight was 63 kg.


Face: Last time used to be roundish but now merely back to V-shape.

Stomache: Last time people used to teased that tummy part and “tummy boy” but now its flattened.

Wrist: Last time unable to see the veins but now so obvious.

Finally, ever since I passed my “P” license to my father for renewal into ordinary driving license, I claimed back my license from my parents. And I didn’t expect my father renewed my license for validity of 5 years.

I better enjoy and appreciate these 3 months of “summer” holidays in Kota Kinabalu.


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

That explains that we are so well fed in KK lol... However my friend gained alot weight when she studies in Miri. *laughs*

Adrian Foo said...

KK here a lot of Coffee Shops serve BEEF! Not like in Kampar, got also not nice to eat.