Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Alright, I rarely update my blog recently. The factors were:

1. Notebook brought to service

2. Busy

3. Exhausted

4. Laziness

5. What else?

In short, I would like to make a report of what I did during the past few days.

24 October 2008 (Friday)

During the night, have “yum cha” (drinking session) with Alvin, Sophia and Danny. At the same time, I backed up all my files inside my notebook before I handed over to Alvin to bring it for service.

25 October 2008 (Saturday)

At night (again), Alvin and Sophia planned to watch movie at Golden Screen Cinema (GSC), 1-Borneo. RM 9 per ticket. What I deserved from that cinema while watching

I expect the seats to be as luxury and spacious as GSC, Pavilion KL. “Rupa-rupanya” it was such an ordinary cinema just that with a bit of wide legroom. So, that would be my FIRST and may be the LAST time going to GSC, 1-Borneo for movie. Though I never been to GSC, Pavillion KL, I can imagine how it was look like.

26 October 2008 (Sunday)

It was Deepavali Day where all Indians start to “bangla” around. I only went out for food with my family and then returned home. A boring day indeed.

27 October 2008 (Monday)

Father SMS-ed me around 5.30 a.m. early morning before he left for Pitas. In the message, he ordered me to bank-in the cheque where he placed in the room. I was like, “why me?” To me, since I got nothing to do every day, I rather spend some time helping out.

28 October 2008 (Tuesday)

Drove myself to Affin Bank, Sadong Jaya as what my father ordered me to do in the morning. I have to rush back home because my mum needs the car to go for medic checkup in Sabah Medical Centre. So, I have another boring day at home.

29 October 2008 (Wednesday)

I have forgotten what I did on this day. Sorry for that as I do have “so-called” short term memory. All I did was to format my father’s desktop.

30 October 2008 (Thursday)

Finally, I managed to claimed my notebook back from Sophia. Thanked her that she bought me a slice of condom notebook keyboard protector skin for my keyboard. I loved it so much. In few years time, all the characters printed on the buttons on the keyboard will not fade off. Hopefully.

31 Ocotober 2008 – 2 November 2008 (Friday – Sunday)

To be continued…

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