Monday, November 17, 2008

It Happened Last Year

Till today, this freaking old exam cheat sheets timetable still exists at the back of my bedroom door. I didn’t even bother to remove it away from my door after I have completely sat this chaotic disastrous exam in my life.

It was that STPM exam in year 2007 which I got freaking awesome lousy result. Such perfectly pathetic result that I really can’t end up myself in any local universities (even though I appealed). But thanks to UTAR for offering me such a unique degree course in KAMPAR campus (I love this peaceful place with fantastic scenic view) [but a boring place indeed].

This afternoon, I got to remove it from my room door. Then I recalled what I did during STPM examination was around the corner.

I even highlighted those subjects that I was sitting for that time. Some subjects were arranged in a suitable time whereas some were not. But now, it was already over.

I appealed for the nearest local university (Uni-APA-punya city UNIVERSITI MELAYU MALAYSIA SAPAU SABAH) also cannot get my asshole a place there (even though I was born in Sabak Bernam Sabah). I was like “what lah”.

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