Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Another Wish List

My wish list before heading back to Kampar to begin my new semester:

1. 2 GB DDR2 RAM (so that my PC will be equipped with 4 GB DDR2 RAM) – estimated price: RM 75 below

2. 8 GB thumb drive (all the while I was depending on my 2 GB SD memory card for document sotrage) – estimated price: RM 49 below

3. 2 GB micro SD memory card (for my O2 Xda II mini) – estimated price: RM 23 below

4. 2GB RS-MMC or MMC memory card (for my Nokia 9300i) – estimated price: RM 40 below

5. Optical mouse (I hate the free optical mouse when I got myself a new PC) – Estimated price: Not sure

6. A pair of casual shoes (My old pair of walking shoes rots) – Estimated price: For sure more than RM 100

7. Few sets of clothes (for Christmas and Chinese New Year) – Estimated price: For sure more than RM 100

8. Dye my hair (Avoid some other people looking down on me) – Estimated price: RM 100++

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