Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Another Wishlist II

I’ve got 15 days to go residing in my very own hometown, Sabah, The Land Below The Wind. After that, I’ll be leaving for KL together with my family (except for my sis). On the 7 January 2009, my flight was to be scheduled at night. And the next day, I’ll shop for few items around KL. Recall my wish list a.k.a. shopping list which was previously mentioned in last few posts. So, I left out with:

1. 2 GB DDR2 RAM (so that my PC will be equipped with 4 GB DDR2 RAM) – estimated price: RM 75 below

2. 8 GB thumb drive (all the while I was depending on my 2 GB SD memory card for document sotrage) – estimated price: RM 49 below

3. 2 GB micro SD memory card (for my O2 Xda II mini) – estimated price: RM 23 below

4. 320 GB Notebook Hard Disk (optional in case my 160 GB desktop hard disk comes to limited storage) – Estimated price: RM 220 below

5. 2GB RS-MMC or MMC memory card (for my Nokia 9300i) – estimated price: RM 40 below

6. Optical mouse (I hate the free optical mouse when I got myself a new PC) – Estimated price: Not sure

7. A pair of casual shoes (My old pair of walking shoes rots) – Estimated price: For sure more than RM 100

8. Few sets of clothes (for Christmas and Chinese New Year) – Estimated price: For sure more than RM 100

9. Dye my hair (Avoid some other people looking down on me) – Estimated price: RM 100++

I always make myself monitor around with computer hardware prices. And I recorded selected hardware price below:

All these prices were from Low Yat’s shop, Bukit Bintang, KL.

An easier and time saving brochure, leaflets or whatever it was for myself while shopping in KL. So, I don’t need to walk up and down inside Low Yat Plaza like a crazy man. Hahaha...

After that few days of shopping spree in KL, I have no choice but to return to Kampar to continue my studies for the next semester. A boring place indeed with no malls for me to loiter during weekends. Pity me.

Christmas is coming! I can’t wait to put on my new clothes on this special occasion. Hooray!

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