Monday, January 19, 2009

Explosion during My Practical

I attended a Sour Bitter Painful practical for UCEC 1034 – Electronic Devices I today. After my lecturer completely briefed us through his “sketching” on the whiteboard, I copied it. The smartest way of mine to copy his practical briefing was by snapping picture of it. I brought along my camera indeed.

Crappy craps

While my practical in progressed,

We do need Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Power Source.

I did something which made my practical today was a Sour Bitter Painful practical. I tested and measure a voltage across one point to another. At the same time, I increase the voltage of the circuit without having a look at the power source reading.

All of a sudden,

The transistor exploded (BLOW!) by emitting “pak pak” sound (Thanks to Yong Chong for recovering the broken piece of the transistor).

Everyone inside the lab PAUSED! I diagnosed myself having phobia of dealing with such circuits. Dr. Aissa, my lecturer came to my place. He told me it was OK. He instructed me to test and compare the resistivity of an exploded transistor and a normal transistor.

As a result, normal transistor displayed a reading whereas the exploded one, GONE CASE. Another group almost did the same thing as me. But only smokes appeared. No sign of explosion. Practical today was tough. I don’t even know what to do as I only received a copy of practical sheets last minutes.

I went to my “bookstore” to purchase a book entitled “Proper Guide to Electronics and Electronics for the DUMMIES”

MicroElectronics Circuit Analysis & Design by Donald A. Neamen.

Goodbye ^RM 60.00^. Hope this book can guide me well throughout my studies in Computer Engineering course.

Pendidikan Moral was my next lecture. Why on earth I need to take such subject? Because I was force to.


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