Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gifts for Friends.

Can’t sleep well last night. Don’t even know what was the reason. Today, I flipped The Star. I found two pity news.

Sharlinie oh Sharlinie, till today, STATUS: Missing.

Cute baby girl that KILLS saved two birds lives with one stone her organs.

Around 3.45 p.m., the weather was perfect for me to cycle to Kampar Old Town. Not about to be rained and not so hot. I need to get few packets of CB chicken biscuits for my old buddies in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah during Chinese New Year.

I brought along my camera. As I cycled, I captured some photos.

The alternate route that I used to cycled to Kampar Old Town instead of the dangerous main road.

I loved the name, 3rd Avenue.

But it was such an old housing area for 3rd Avenue.

Arrived Kampar Old Town.

Walking by the main road of Kampar Old Town.

Still maintained the old structure of the building.

That’s was why such building located at Kampar Old Town.

I went into CB Chicken Biscuit shop and grabbed three big packs of 6 packets of chicken biscuits.

A “big” plastic bag that was enough to fit into my bicycle basket.

I’m worried everything mashed up inside the luggage.

Goodbye ^RM 33.00^.

Next, I cycled back home. But on the way back, I stopped by the roadside. I was amazed by the clouds and sky.

Tomorrow is Monday. The day which shows the sign of Week 2 begins. Few days later, I need to board a plane returning to my hometown, Sabah for Chinese New Year Celebration.


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Yerrr so kasian lah the two missing girls....... Why can't they do ANYTHING?!!!!! =.="

And that poor baby.... I'm speechless :(

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

:-( sad thing to hear.