Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Celebration

I was so privilege enough that Sophia invited me to her BBQ party at her house on 31 December 2008. It was the day whereby all of us waiting for the time to arrive for welcoming the New Year 2009.

Around 6.15 p.m., I picked up Yit Chean from his house and went to Giant, CityMall branch. We grabbed 6 bottles of carbonated drinks into the shopping cart and browse through Giant. We then queued up one of the few opened counter. Really shit to see those “Kaunter Tutup, Sila Ke Kaunter Sebelah”. Causing a long queued indeed. At that time, I grabbed Halls sweet. I opened it up to eat.

Yit Chean: Wah, you haven’t pay for it but you opened it and eat?

Me: Who cares? Who tell them not to open many counters causing a long queue.

Yit Chean: So hebat lah you.

Me: I deserved it what. Nobody ask them to provide me such a lousy service (long queue service).

It was about time for the both of us to go Sophia’s house. During BBQ, we chat, we talk craps while waiting for the time to come (countdown).

When it was about time,

For the first time, I get to see with my two eye balls that Sophia’s younger brother lighted up fireworks in front of me. Sophia’s mother told me that each of those cost RM 12.00. Lucky for me, her RM 12.00 was worth enough that I managed to capture a video of it.

Few houses away also did the same thing. And I captured them.

Please don’t expect my 1.3 megapixel mobile camera can capture such wonderful moments so clearly. I do not have any video cam nor a High Defination (HD) camera.

We continued to chat. Lastly, before returning home, transferring Hong Kong dramas from one another was the last activity. Thank God that Gem of Life drama and Pages of Treasures were until episode 51 and episode 17 respectively.


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