Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time to LEAVE

It was about time for me to leave Sabah. After these “wonderful” summer holidays here in Sabah, here I am, Kuala Lumpur for shopping and Kampar for slimming session study. I’m not here to express my sad feelings. But I’m totally excited!

My itinerary as follow:

7 January 2009*

Arriving Kuala Lumpur LCCT airport around 10.35 p.m. (night flight).

8 January 2009 & 9 January 2009*

Shop till I drop. Eat the best food that cannot be found in Kampar like McDonald, Coffee Bean and etc.

10 January 2009*

Arriving Kampar around lunch hour? And going to Ipoh for shopping and eating.

11 January 2009*

Will I go for breakfast with family in Ipoh for the last time?

12 January 2009 onwards*

Year 1 Semester 2 begins.

*I MAY be unable to blog during these days because of my busy schedule. Anyway, thanks for dropping-by my blog.

But I’ll be back soon.


Miki said...

great to see u're so enthusiastic Adrian!!
i'm the total opposite.. i like my hoidays, a bit too much..
anyway, my classmate just sent her brother off to your campus... and she said it was a gorgeous place... well, i guess compared to the nonsense place we have here, it would be awesome...

anyway, take care...

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Good! More and more Sabahan residing Kampar. Hooray!!