Wednesday, February 4, 2009

3 Tops like MINE?

Today I attended UCCS 1023 - Data Structure & Algorithms lecture. What caught my attention before the lecture starts was someone (student) who wore exactly the same shirt I have it inside my wardrobe. It was not the first time BUT it was the THIRD time!

The first apparel was a simple purple T-shirt. I saw him (I don’t know what was the person’s name) wearing it in school. And I didn’t expect him that he was my neighbour staying next me in Kampar. From that day onwards, I decided not to wear it anymore. I brought it back to my hometown during my last semester break as home wear.

Sorry, I didn’t take picture of that shirt.

Second apparel was a long sleeve shirt.

My mother bought it during her travelling in KL 2006.

If I’m not mistaken, another UTARian was a freshman. While I was getting myself out from UTAR’s toilet, that guy was about to enter into the toilet. I was like “eh, something looks familiar”. It was the long sleeve shirt exactly shown above he was wearing it. So, from that day onwards, I would keep it inside my wardrobe and not wearing it to school anymore.

Last but not least, the third one was this shirt…

I bought it in Sabah 2008.

This was the one where I saw a guy who was taking the same subject as me that time (but different course). I was speechless.


Father bought this pouch for me from Ipoh Parade, Ipoh in May 2008.

Father: I bought you this pouch from Body Glove. You use this when you cycle out.

Me: Ok thanks!

Indeed this pouch was quite useful to me. I used to put my wallet, phone, camera, tissues, coins and etc. into it. I brought it along when I cycle out from my house to shops outside. Somehow…

There was a hole.

I decided to sew it though I do not have any sewing skills.

My sewing kit.

I sew it from inside hoping that the outer part couldn’t see my poor sewing skill so obvious.

“Manatau” I didn’t expected it to be like that. CHIS!!!

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