Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Danish House Cuci Toilet Sux!

There was once whereby I was not inside my room. Danish House slaves housekeeping services came to my house, 1323 as usual once in a week to clean the whole house. I didn’t know that they even clean my own toilet (though I cleaned it myself). I thought they came to clean those common areas like living room, kitchen and etc.

Once I returned home from UTAR, I stepped into my toilet (nature’s call). All of the sudden, I was like, “Why on earth is my toilet floor so !@#$%^&?”. The moment I stepped in, my foot felt so damn dusty because of the “don’t-know-what-toilet-detergent-they-used”. There were so much of this tiny little stones which made me felt uncomfortable.

From that day onwards,

I wrote a notice!

From there on, no housekeeping services done to my room. I did all the cleanings by myself. And today, I went to Danish House office to submit electric bill to them and lodge a complaint regarding whole sockets in the kitchen was faulty. I came across few notices posted by them.

Finally, I got that red card pasted onto my door.

A proper way to notify those worthless housekeeping services.


If my room and even my own toilet being caught dirty and nasty, I’m going to be penalized for RM 50.00.

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