Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good doesn’t sounds Good

I was having my practical for UCEC 1074 – Digital Circuits & Systems in E 211A this afternoon. It was not a practical period indeed. Just a 3 hours Q&A and discussions on assignments with lecturer. But then, when I entered the computer lab, I chose this seat…

Erm quite old fashion computer.

Yellowish buttons of Logitech keyboard.

Windows 2000 Professional?

Such computer to me, made me moodless in doing my assignments. I hate something old and I prefer the new ones. So I switched to another computer like this…

Wah! Samsung LCD monitor but cheap keyboard.

Where is the USB port (Sorry for blur picture)?

The so-called latest processor for desktop (I love it a lot).

DVD-writer by Samsung.

Wow! It was a DVD-RAM.

Most computers in UTAR were installed with Genuine Windows.

I inspect the specification of the PC by using temporary software stored inside my thumbdrive.

Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 Duo E8400, 3.00 GHz!


Slot 1 equipped with Kingston 2GB RAM.

Slot 2 as well.

The question was why there was not even a single USB port in front of the CPU? Until I got to plug in my thumbdrive at the back of the CPU with 6 USB ports.

Then Kah Keong demonstrated me this…

Celaka! I didn’t see the eject button because it was so dark.

Finally my Mini Slim thumbdrive plugged in front.

Somehow, my thumbdrive was being attack by Trojan virus. That “kononnya” good computer I used, doesn’t have any anti-virus application. :-(


Thank God that finally my custom-made contact lenses arrived in Kampar, Perak. It took me 2 weeks to wait for that 7 pairs of contact lenses.

Custom-made contact lenses meaning to say not colour lenses. Just that both of my eyes were “diagnosed” with astigmatism and it caused few days for a factory to produce to correct reading for my lenses. That made my contact lenses quite costly.

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