Sunday, February 22, 2009

I missed driving so much!

It was like just almost 1 month ago (during Chinese New Year week) and I started to miss my car. I logged into my Photobucket account and view pictures of my car.

I recalled what my father mentioned to me this before:

Father: If you study in TAR College (when I was first being offered for Diploma course after my STPM !@#$%^&* ), I think I better send your car over for you to drive to school.

Me: Wah! No need lah.

Mother: What if the car broke down, who are you going to seek help from?

Driving a diesel-powered car was a major problem over Peninsular Malaysia. Why?

  1. Road tax for a diesel car quite costly in Peninsular (No wonder 4x4 cars so rare over Peninsular).
  2. The diesel car I used to drive “bikin banyak” black smoke (And you know lah people would snap a photo and submit it to The Star Thumbnails section).
  3. ?

I wondered how many months to go then I only get to drive. Half a year later perhaps?

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