Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I thought I could win the new Proton MPV

Quite some time ago, Proton was having a nationwide naming contest for the new Proton MPV. The winner could drive away one unit of new Proton MPV. Then I gave myself full participation in it through its website.

So, I filled up the form and the important fields of it were…

I want to name it as: MyProV

Provide us a tagline to go with your MPV name: (Forgotten what I filled)

Tell us what your MPV name means: My stands for Malaysia, Pro stands for (Forgotten what I filled) and lastly, V stands for Vehicle.

Then horr, few days ago, the winners for Name Malaysia’s First Home Grown MPV announced. Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything (Not even a consolation prize).

The name given for that Proton MPV was Proton Exora!

I was like,

“Wah so much difference eh!”

“Chis!” (sign of “Du Lan”)

I thought I could win that MPV. I wanted it so badly in Kampar, Perak. Knowing that it was a MPV, I could

  1. Drive to school.
  2. Explore the whole Peninsular Malaysia.
  3. Bring my housemates for lunch/dinner during raining or hot sunny days.
  4. Maybe sell it off to get a Toyota Avanza instead.
  5. Maybe sell it off to get myself a motorbike (remaining $$$ contribute to my studies).

But too bad lah. Everything was just a dream / imagination (a.k.a kononnya). I understood that in order to gain for something, I need to sacrifice. As the saying goes, “No Pain, No Gain”.

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