Sunday, February 1, 2009

It’s February 2009!

The moment I sat down at certainly coffee shops or cafés, I encountered a major problem of mine which was this…

Menu in Chinese words.

Ape tu?

I was like “doink” (0.0?). How to read? “Banana” like me also doesn’t know lar. Though I’m a pure Chinese, doesn’t mean that I know how to read Chinese words. That was why OCBC Bank stands for “Orang Cina Bukan Cina” came to my mind. The only think to overcome such matter of mine was to seek help from my housemates whom I always joined them as usual for food.

Quite embarrassing sometimes when a waiter was taking our order.


Mr. X: Adrian, you don’t learn Chinese ah? Now USA conquered the whole world. What if next time China conquers the world, how are you going to live?

Me: (:s)


Me: Wo yao (“I want” in Mandarin) Chicken Chop with Mushroom sauce.

Waiter: So mo Chi Pa Fan ah (What Chicken Chop rice)?

(!@#$%^&) I pointed to food on the menu that I ordered. I don’t know what Moa Gu sauce that he doesn’t understand. And that made me feel want to expressed the word “Tai Lin Ngong” (That’s the Hakka phrase which I don’t think Peninsular Malaysian know).


Housemate: Adrian, actually how good is your Mandarin?

Me: Erm, I only can recognize few Chinese words and speak broken Mandarin.

Housemate: Oh I see.

Me: I understand my Mandarin very poor.

Housemate: Haiyah as long as u can speak Mandarin can liao lah.

Me: Hehehe…


Ever since I moved into my Kampar house, I whole life was to depending on my room fan. As soon as I entered into my Room Sweet Room, I turned on immediately. After 8 months I moved in here, my fan was that…

Dirty and Dusty.

It took me an hour to clean it because it was too high up and I don’t even have a ladder. All I did was to tie a clothe to a broom and used a chair to gained more height. As a result,

Cleaned! (Though there were minor dirt left)

I was wondering what was going on with my ceiling above my toilet door.

Sewage leaked?

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