Friday, February 13, 2009

Smoking allowed in UTAR?

After attending UCCM 1123 – Mathematics II tutorial, I made my way to Student’s Pavilion (Canteen) together with Kim Seong. While on the way, I saw two security guards smoking. I was like what hell? Why does UTAR hiring such “blackies” that showed a bad example to students in UTAR? I thought they were supposed to patrol around the compound. But too bad I forgot to capture their negative acts.

Then, I saw another person (carpenter) “upgrading” the General Office of Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology. And finally I managed to capture his negative act.

He was smoking.

Something to question here, Why UTAR got to hire such dirt cheap workers to do that damn door? I wondered whether smoking is allowed in UTAR compound. Wait till next time I manage to capture those security guards bad examples. I really need to upload those pictures to UTAR mail.


Rachael said...

adrian foo ganas!
but, hehehe, no harm reporting

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Must voice out. I'm paying $$$ fees for a better environment to study also. Hahaha...